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Who Says You Can’t Work Out in Heels!?

September 21, 2009 / 11 Comments

I am thrilled to see the students of New York City taking the Get Fit Challenge seriously. My pick of the week is Rebecca from Rockefeller University who set out some great goals for herself like to putting only

healthy and natural things in my body, no drinking during the week, gaining physical and mental balance and getting friends involved. She even did a video blog of her and a girl friend working out in high heels to stay fashionable!! Just be careful in those heels, ladies. I love that they show how easy and fun it is- just grab a friend and make the most out of staying healthy

And remember… if you buy any of the Fit in Your Jeans by Friday DVDs online this month you get free shipping!

Burning Off Those BBQ Calories

August 10, 2009 / 48 Comments

Here are some more pics from my Fit In Your Jeans By Friday BBQ at the Sierra Mist Malibu Beach House. Lily and Kourtney
joined me at this gorgeous beach house in Malibu. Kourtney really got
into it, haha! I’m so happy my friends and family came to celebrate all
the Fit In Your  Jeans success… it means so much to me.

everyone fitting into their jeans? Simple movements that concentrate on
muscle isolation really help tone up your body. So many girls have
written in with the most amazing results. I’m so happy and proud of
each of you!! Keep it up!!!

“I am a curvy girl
and have been trying for months to get toned. I ordered her DVD’s and
tried them last night for the first time. They were WONDERFUL! I just
want to thank Kim for putting these out and helping those of us with
curvalicious bodies :)
” –Wendy Ball

bought your 3 workout videos about 2 months ago and started doing them
all. I’ve now lost 16 pounds! These videos are unbelievable and they
really DO work and I encourage anybody to please try them, especially
if you love Kim Kardashian as much as I do!
Jasmine Simon

I LOVE Kim’s Fit in Your Jeans by Friday workouts. I’ve
done all three, and everytime I do one I feel stronger and sexier! So
far I have lost 7 pounds, and I know my weight loss trend is going to
continue because working out with Kim is actually fun. I feel like one
of my own friends is in the room working out with me!
” – Traci McMurray

Quick Trim: The Next Step in My Lifestyle Change

July 19, 2009 / 124 Comments

Khloe has always wanted to get in better shape and I am always looking to find anything I can to keep me fit and toned! I love my curves, and now we’ve found a way to keep them looking their
best! I wanted to tone up even more after months of doing my workout DVDs and lose that last five pounds I had been dying to shift! Khloe and I found a solution with Quick Trim.

Using Quick Trim helped boost my metabolism and jump start my weight loss. The QuickTrim 14 day system comes with a complete diet and exercise program as well as recipes. These products are great for an instant results, but combining them with a great workout regime and diet plan can give you amazing longer lasting results.

Quick Trim also have a 48 Hour Super Diet Detox, which removes toxic build ups to help you feel healthier, more slender and rejuvenated in just 48 hours! Detoxing your body of all toxins is the best first step to take if you plan on changing your workout regime and diet, because you can totally cleanse yourself and start afresh. Make sure you cleanse and detox and then flush it out! You need to get rid of all the toxins! But maybe my favorite product… the Celuslim! You all know I’ve had my issues with cellulite in the past, so this one caught my eye. It attacks cellulite by breaking down excess fat stored in the cells.

I wanted to show you guys some before and after pics so you can see the
difference that working out, eating healthily and using Quick Trim has
made. I’ve never been one for quick fixes, and I know now that losing
weight, getting toned, and staying that way is completely changing your
lifestyle. Ever since I began working out and created my Fit in Your
Jeans by Friday DVDs
I’ve been inspired to keep it up! It’s definitely a lifestyle change, but when there are products available like Quick Trim, it’s so much easier to lose the extra pounds you’ve been dying to get rid of!