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Walking the Pink Carpet!

April 1, 2011 / 58 Comments

Kim Kardashian Victoria's Secret Swimwear Model Pink Carpet Launch Photos

On Wednesday night I attended the Victoria’s Secret Summer 2011 Swimwear launch with my friend Robin Antin at Club L!

We went for a fun girls’ dinner out at Katsuya after the launch, so I’ll post those pics soon!

Jetting to Vegas for good times

November 26, 2008 / 65 Comments

Here are some pics from Las Vegas!!!

This past friday after doing the ShoeDazzle event in Los Angeles, Kourtney, Khloe and I hopped on a plane to Las Vegas for the night.

I was having a Vegas Magazine release party thrown by the Maloof brothers at the new Palms Place tower. Our hotel room was so pretty and spacious.

I told Rob that Kourt, Khloe and I were going and he was actually going that weekend, too, for one of his best friend, Kappy‘s 21st birthday weekend along with 16 of their other friends. We had extra room on the plane so we brought along Rob’s two other best friends, Jesse and JJ.

As soon as we got there we all headed up to the Vegas Magazine party, then ate dinner at the best restaurant called Simon. The desert platter is to die for! Rice crispy treats and cotton candy, we were in heaven!

After dinner we went to the Usher concert! I just saw usher perform at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show but just a few songs. He went all out and performed all of his new and old songs. We were singing and dancing all night long!

We really had a great night!

Victoria’s Secret fashion show!

November 18, 2008 / 197 Comments

I had so much fun at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Miami over the weekend!

The show itself was spectacular. I honestly don’t know how all of the models, including the fabulous Heidi Klum, change so quickly backstage into all of those elaborate costumes! They were jaw-dropping!

The whole Miami weekend crew went to the show and I also got to take pics with Michelle Trachtenberg and Mario!

* My poncho is from Dash, its by Mara Hoffman, the leather leggings are Elizabeth Overland, and my shoes are Christian Louboutin
* I had my make up done, and not familiar with the colors he used!

In Miami for fun and fashion

November 14, 2008 / 57 Comments

A couple nights ago we all ate dinner in the hotel! Jonathan and Simon are doing all of the PR for the new Fontainebleau hotel opening here in Miami and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show!

We all had dinner and afterward we went to see the most gorgeous house in the city!

It was our friend Loren and J.R.‘s place! It’s stunning!

We stayed up all night laughing and taking pics! Here are a few to enjoy!

(Go here to see a great pic I took of Brody and Jayde!)

*I am wearing a Mara Hoffman dress from Dash! 
*For make up I am wearing Armani foundation, with Mac cream blush, eyeshadow and mascara. My lipstick is freckletone by Mac with a Dior gloss of Kourtney’s that I borrowed!
*I don’t have as much make up on becasue I got a spray tan right before the flight to Miami! I really needed one! It really gives you a glow and you don’t need as much makeup!


Answering your beauty questions

May 25, 2008 / 230 Comments

Kristina says:
Hey Kim…love you and your sisters…LOVE the show! Quick question: In the season premiere of Season 2 Khloe was wearing an awesome shade of pink nail polish when she “cornered Scott.” Can you tell me the shade or at least the brand by chance? Thanks.

It’s by the company Essie and shade is called Limo-Scene.

Lily says:
Hi Kim! I love you. As J.Lo is your inspiration, you are mine! I really would like to know what is the perfume you like the most! And for night too!

I usually stick to the same scent — my all time every day scent is Michael by Michael Kors.

Yiana says:
Very cute! Kim, I am your biggest fan. What is your diet/workout regime and what kind of products do you use for your hair?

I try to eat as healthy as possible, but make sure I work out all the time. I have a trainer Kathy Kaehler who I work out with all the time. We actually just made a work out video which is simple and easy to follow along with — especially if you are busy and don’t have any exercise equipment. As for my hair, I like to switch up products all the time to keep it fresh and vibrant. I use anything from Herbal Essence to Finesse to salon products.

Anonymous says:
We really want to know what bra’s you use???? I have tried a number of different bras… the best thing to good support and lift (I’ve found… 34c) is Victoria Secret‘s convertible push up… and the angel invisible, underwire is okay too. But I find they squeeze me a little too much for my liking… can’t stand it all day… what is the secret!!

I am obsessed with Victoria’s Secret. I wear the water bra! It is the best ever! I’m also going to get fitted properly. There is a great woman in New York who does this but I know they also have fit specialists at Victoria’s Secret too — most women wear the wrong size bra!

boricua-jlo-4ever says:
Heya Kim, just writing to ask you for some tips on working out. I have a lil belly fat. Can you give me some tips on how to get rid of it? I run for 15/20 mins as often as I can but that seems to be making me lose weight all over which I’m not happy about! I do 5 sets of 50 squats 3/4 days a week too.. What is your workout routine? And what do you do to look so sexy? Please get back to me.. love u lots! mwaaah!

My workout video is out now!!! Quick and easy 5 minute workout!