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My First Twins Game in Minnesota!

July 12, 2011 / 53 Comments

Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries Minnesota Twins Game Baseball

Kris took me to my first Twins game in Minnesota! He even threw out the first pitch and I ate my first brat here! Such a fun time!!

Kourtney + Kim = Twins

November 9, 2009 / 26 Comments

Look at Kourtney at I at a recent photo shoot! We look like twins!!

Khloe sneaks some ink

July 17, 2008 / 89 Comments

Over the weekend, Khloe and the twins Malika and Khadijah went to Shamrock Tattoo…

I found this out because as I was driving home, I saw Khloe’s car parked outside!

So I stopped and ran inside super fast!

Khloe and Khadijah took Malika to cover up an old tattoo of her ex boyfriend’s initials on her wrist. Obviously, I have seen a much bigger personalized tattoo (hmm hmm—Rob and Adrienne!). So we all decided she should cover it up at this point since she wants to put her ex in the past; so she chose a cross to cover up the initials.

It ended up looking a little different than the picture because that was just drawn on for us to see what it would look like. She eventually decided on a more detailed cross. 

Khloe also decided to get a little ink! On her wrist she got the letter’s KK, for all of the Kardashian sisters. She did it in white ink, so you won’t actually see it! I think it’s a cool idea because she knows it’s there and can see the outline, but no one will ever really know unless she points it out!

This picture looks pinkish-reddish because her wrist is healing , but when its done it will be a faint white color. I will make sure I show you guys pictures of what it looks like!

I personally do not have any tattoos and don’t think I will ever get one. Do you like tattoos? Do you have any? Lemme know!