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Win a pair of 291 sweats!

November 17, 2008 / 463 Comments

UPDATE: Christina is the winner of the Venice 291 sweats!


And while she was the first to reply with the correct answer, that won’t necessarily be the deciding factor for the next contest. I’m going to mix it up to keep you all guessing!  ;)

Another contest is coming up this Wednesday that I promise to announce! I hope to see you all enter!

Hey guys!

When I’m just kicking it casual style in my downtime, I really like to wear super comfy gear, like the things that 291 Venice makes.

The designers recently gave me some items and I have an extra pair of cozy purple sweats that I would love to giveaway—just in time for fireplace family time during the holiday season! (The sweats are just like the ones above, but purple—as shown in the center of the pic.)

CONTEST RULES: Write a comment to be eligible to win. In the comment, list the brand name of another line of sweats I wrote about in a post a few months ago. Please leave a valid email address in the “Email
Address” field of your comment. To ensure your privacy, the email
address you leave in that field will not be made public (it will not be
published to the site).  

This is the least I can do for all of the positivity that many of you leave with me every day! I really appreciate it!


Kickin’ it in comfy clothes

April 9, 2008 / 141 Comments

When I’m hanging out, running errands and taking some much-needed downtime (I’ve been super busy lately!), I love to just kick it in my sweats.

Here are some pics of me wearing my Royal Plush casmere sweats. They’re super comfortable and their logo is the fluer de lie… the Saints symbol! Go Reggie!

Lemme know what you wear when you’re just being casual, and tell me what you think of this post in the comments area!