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Brody asleep on the job

November 14, 2008 / 114 Comments

We are in Miami!!!! Kourt, Scott and I got to the airport and ran into Brody, his girlfriend Jayde and Frankie! Coincidentally, we were all on the same flight! 

It was so hilarious because I heard someone screaming my name at the airport and I was thinking it was a whack job who recognized who I was. But I turned around and realized I knew the whack job… It was Brody! LOL! (And by whack job, I mean the paparazzi people! They swarm the airport! I don’t mean my fans! I see you guys took that comment the wrong way)

And apparently he was sleepy, too. I sneaked up on him while he was sleeping on the plane to snap some shots.

Gotchya, Brody!!! Ha ha ha!