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Monuments and momentous times in Monte Carlo

June 11, 2008 / 78 Comments

During our first dinner in Monte Carlo, I discovered some new and interesting information about myself!

Being with my grandmother, we all were talking about my grandmother’s love life. Come to find out that my mom’s real father passed away in a car crash before we were born.

So Kourtney and I found out that my grandfather that we always called “papa” was really our step grandpa. He was married to my Grandma MJ for more than 30 years before he recently passed away.

He was German and Irish, so I always thought that I was half Armenian and quarter German and a quarter Irish!

But as we were digging down into our history we realized that on my mom’s side, she is Scottish and Dutch… So it turns out I am half Armenian (a quarter Turkish and a quarter Russian) and a quarter Scottish and a quarter Dutch!

Have you ever discovered important information about yourself that you could have never predicted? Let me know in the comments area!

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