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Win Saints gear

January 20, 2009 / 225 Comments

UPDATE: Congratulations to Monica and KimberlyG on winning! Their prizes will be mailed once both have been claimed!


Sure the season is over for the Saints, but I want to honor Reggie’s great season and the upcoming Super Bowl! Time to give away some merch!

I have a women’s t-shirt, two zip-up women’s sweatshirts and hat!

Drop a comment on this post stating in which magazine I recently modeled Reggie’s jersey. Hint: You can search for it on this blog! Please leave a valid email address in the “Email
Address” field (not the comment field). To ensure your privacy, the email
address you leave in that field will not be made public.

Go team!

Check out Reggie’s new site

December 18, 2008 / 57 Comments

I’m so thrilled to tell you that Reggie has launched his own site! Go to to get all of his latest sports-related details and learn more about other facets of his life!

Revisiting a New Orleans family on game day

December 10, 2008 / 114 Comments

As I spent the weekend in New Orleans and as I was getting all my tickets together for the game I realized I had some extra tickets. I called the family that my family met while filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians in New Orleans. They were on our finale episode for season 2.

I invited them to the game and they were beyond excited! Marissa, the daughter, had never been to a Saints game before and her brothers Aaron and Sydney got to meet some players after the game. They all were enjoying it so much!

They honestly are the nicest people and it was so good to see them again. Next time I go to New Orleans I’m going to check out their house. Since we filmed and saw they were living in a FEMA trailer, their house has been fixed following damage from Hurricane Katrina. It is just one week away from completion and then the furniture we got them will be delivered in the next few weeks!

They still live in the FEMA trailer, but hopefully by Christmas they will be moved into their home again. I couldn’t imagine living with four people in a one-bedroom FEMA trailer! Their spirits are so positive and they taught me and my family so much!

A football game that touched my heart

December 9, 2008 / 194 Comments

This Sunday the Saints played the Atlanta Falcons and they won! This game was very different than any other…

I met a very special boy named Micah. He is 11 years old.

I saw the cutest little boy walking into the suite box next to mine and he had a “Bush” jersey on. I told him I liked his jersey and when he turned around I noticed he had a breathing mask on. He was very quiet and seemed exhausted.

I went to the restroom and his mother Val followed me in and asked me if I would take a picture with her son. She explained he had two weeks to live and was dying of cancer. When she left I literally cried in the bathroom and got myself together and went to go take a picture with him. His mother told me that Micah had a 109 temperature that morning but he still wanted to go see Reggie play!

My heart truly was breaking just seeing how sweet this little boy was… I had to do more.

Hornets basketball player and one of Reggie’s best friends Chris Paul was sitting next door in our box so I took Micah over to meet him. He was so excited. Then after the game I took Micah and his whole family with me down to the family section where only the family waits near the locker room for the players to come out to meet Reggie!

Reggie spent some time with him and Micah lit up! I know him meeting Reggie won’t ever change what he and his family is going through, but for those brief moments hopefully he could forget he was sick.

I know Reggie and I will never forget Micah.

Rainy game in Tampa

December 1, 2008 / 90 Comments

This weekend Carla met me in Tampa to join me at the Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans game. The Saints played a great game! Even though they didn’t win, the game was a lot of fun.

It was Reggie‘s first game coming back from his injury. He didn’t play the whole game, so he could take it easy on his knee. But it was a great warm up game for him.

It was pouring rain so badly, look at the poor cheerleaders probably freezing and dancing in the rain. Can you believe they don’t allow umbrellas in the entire stadium!? Everyone was sitting in their seats getting soaked.

I can’t wait for next week in New Orleans against the Atlanta Falcons! 

My crazy schedule!

October 25, 2008 / 218 Comments

Hey guys!

I had an absolute blast at LAX last night and I have the pictures to prove it—coming soon!

I have read in the comments that some of you thought I was supposed to
be in London, but as a lot of you know, that trip was canceled so I
could be with Reggie during his surgery. He
is doing well and got permission from his Saints coaches to fly in to
Vegas to celebrate with me at my birthday party at LAX!! I am so glad
he is
getting healthy and feeling well!

Speaking of my schedule, I want to share my itinerary with you so you
can see how MENTAL the next weeks will be for me… I am absolutely booked
solid! Did you realize how much travel I do!? Take a look and see for
yourself…(Go past the jump!)

Reggie rules on game day

October 15, 2008 / 114 Comments

This is a very important year for Reggie and already he has played so phenomenally!!!! Last year he was injured and he spent his off season rehab-ing his knee to make sure he was in great condition to play this year!

It’s off to a great start! They won this Sunday against the Raiders 34 to 3! Reggie scored two touchdowns!

I brought Rob and his friend Jesse with me to New Orleans, along with my friend Charlene. Reggie’s friends came up too and this was Rob’s first game! 

TMZ posted a funny story about it, actually:

There’s a reason NFL star Reggie Bush has been tearing it up in the field lately and it all has to do with where Kim Kardashian decides to park her incredibly important derriere.
In the three New Orleans Saints games Kim has attended this year (including yesterday’s game against the Raiders), her man tied an NFL punt return record, set his season high receiving mark and scored 5 of his 8 TDs. Take that Jessica Simpson!! (**cough, cough, jinx, cough**)
And get this — right after Reggie racked up another 2-TD game yesterday, Saints coach Sean Payton gave Kim a big hug. He did the same thing last week when Bush broke off two electrifying punt returns on Monday Night Football.
Saints Nation has caught on too — we hear the fans are chanting her name at home games. If only they watched “Dancing with the Stars.”

I can’t take credit for Reggie’s performance on the field! It has nothing to do with me! He works so hard and I love to watch him play!