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Help Me Pick My Perfume Giftbag!

October 13, 2009 / 383 Comments

We are currently debating what the pattern should be for the gift bag you get when you purchase my perfume! So when someone buys my perfume at a department store they get a
great handbag along with it! Which pattern for the bag do you guys like the
best? Floral, plaid or plain light pink?? I’m leaning towards the light pink… simple and stylish… what do you think?

My Perfume Bottle Makes its Debut!

October 2, 2009 / 96 Comments

I recently went to NYC to meet with all of the different beauty editors
from Seventeen Magazine, Lucky Magazine, Glamour, Self and a ton more! It was so fun allowing all of the beauty editors to finally see my
bottle and smell my fragrance! The bottle made an appearance in WWD Magazine and I can finally share it with you all!!!!! You guys helped pick
the color pink that we used on bottle! What are your thoughts!? Do you like it?

Teaming up with Lighthouse Beauty

August 29, 2009 / 49 Comments

As you guys all know, I am launching my own perfume and I wanted to update you all on the progress. I’m working with Lighthouse Beauty to make it absolutely perfect and they have been amazing throughout the whole process. I asked you guys to help me choose the color for the accents on the fragrance bottle and although the dark pink won in the poll, sooo many of your responses on my Facebook and Twitter said that you loved the light pink and I agreed, so I have gone for the light pink!

I can’t wait for you guys to see and smell the final thing!!

Help Me Choose My Perfume Bottle Accent Color!

August 2, 2009 / 144 Comments

We are so far along in my perfume process! You
guys can see the shape of the bottle I am holding up… it’s round with a
cool rectangular top. I think it’s classic and just plain beautiful. These are just mock ups made of plastic, but the actual bottle color is very unique, it’s
not this cream plastic color. I know we showed a lot on Keeping Up with the Kardashians but so much more work has gone into it since then and I need
YOUR help with picking out the accent color for my bottle. It’s the color for the bottle top. It has to be the perfect color, so I am leaving it up to
you! Do you guys like the lighter pink, soft but not bubble gum, or the
brighter pink? Vote in the poll and leave me a comment in this post to let me know what you think!!

Thanks guys!