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Making a wish on Mr. Potato Head

October 30, 2008 / 105 Comments

When I was in New Orleans Monday and Tuesday Reggie and I went to eat at Brennan’s restaurant! Look what the waiter’s brought out to me to say happy birthday! A Mister Potato Head with a b-day candle! Reggie and I were laughing so hard we had to take a pic!

My crazy schedule!

October 25, 2008 / 218 Comments

Hey guys!

I had an absolute blast at LAX last night and I have the pictures to prove it—coming soon!

I have read in the comments that some of you thought I was supposed to
be in London, but as a lot of you know, that trip was canceled so I
could be with Reggie during his surgery. He
is doing well and got permission from his Saints coaches to fly in to
Vegas to celebrate with me at my birthday party at LAX!! I am so glad
he is
getting healthy and feeling well!

Speaking of my schedule, I want to share my itinerary with you so you
can see how MENTAL the next weeks will be for me… I am absolutely booked
solid! Did you realize how much travel I do!? Take a look and see for
yourself…(Go past the jump!)

Monday Night Football!

October 12, 2008 / 91 Comments

After DWTS, I decided to head to New Orleans for a little r&r! It was so needed!

Last week, instead of going to the Monday night dance show, I went to Monday night football!

My cousin Cici and her husband Bill came into town from Houston to watch the Saints game. We ate dinner first and got to spend some quality time together!

had an amazing game, making three awesome punt returns, two of them for
touchdowns!!! He tied the record for punt returns, making him the 12th
player in NFL history to tie the record!

Tuesday after the
game we slept in all day until my flight back to L.A.! It was the best
feeling to not have to wake up for anything. I haven’t done that in

During the trip, Reggie and I also went to see Musiq Soulchild perform. He was really cool!

Saints played today and won!!! I will post those pics from the game in the next few days!

Our awesome N.O. visit, Saints win!!!

September 8, 2008 / 100 Comments

We had an amazing weekend in New Orleans! I didn’t think I would be able to make it to a game until after Dancing With The Stars, but we decided to bring my whole Keeping Up with the Kardashians crew with us!

Kourtney, Scott and I decided to spend the weekend there while Reggie‘s family was visiting—so we had a blast with his parents and took his little brother (yes, I said LITTLE—but he is 6’5″) out with us!

We ate at the Bourban House the first night, which is right on Bourban Street—probably the craziest spot in New Orleans! People were out on the street at all hours of the night! We were filming too, and you know for some reason people tend to act a little crazy when they see cameras on! We were eating by a big glass window and everyone on the street stopped to see what was going on. All the players have to stay at a hotel the night before a game and have a strict curfew so we took Reggie’s brother out to dinner with us. The food was amazing!

Due to the hurricane and the town being evacuated, the street was also sprinkled with U.S. soldiers who were out on every street corner making sure people were in for their curfew time!

After dinner, we went back to Reggie’s and made some signs to bring to the game! Kourtney’s sign is hilarious!

Sunday was game day!!!! They won!!! Reggie scored the winning touchdown and Bobby had an amazing sack right at the end!!! It was Kourtney and Scott’s first game and they had so much fun.
I’m so proud of Reggie! The Saints did great! Papa, this is a start to the Saints best season yet!!!

Despite the recent hurricane the town is doing better and better each
time I come! I really love New Orleans! You should all go visit!!

‘Me’ time with Reggie in New Orleans

August 22, 2008 / 136 Comments

I went to New Orleans for two days to squeeze in a little “me” time! I love it there and missed it!

New Orleans is the place I go when I want to just chill and not be bothered with work! It’s such a relaxing place for me.

I started my day at Cafe Du Monde for breakfast with Khadijah! Biegnets are to die for!!!! They are so messy with all of that powdered sugar! But they were so worth it! Then when Reggie was done with practice, we headed to the Bourbon House Restaurant for a late lunch!

In all the time we have spent there, neither Reggie nor I have ever been to Bourbon Street, which is a really popular street out there!

Overall, the trip hit the spot: good food, got to unwind and saw my baby! It was the perfect two days for “me”!

What do you guys for a little “me” time?

My mom goes crazy over Brian McKnight

June 18, 2008 / 126 Comments

I have to tell you the funniest thing… My mom is totally obsessed with Brian McKnight!

We recently had a press conference in New Orleans and so did he! So my mom made us run to the next booth to snap a shot with him.

She was so star struck. It was hilarious.

Which celebrity would you absolutely drool over if you suddenly ran into him or her (don’t say me!)? Let me know in the comments area!

A New Perspective in New Orleans

May 18, 2008 / 117 Comments

My sisters and I went to New Orleans recently for Reggie‘s all-star pool tournament during an episode airing tonight at 10pm!

We also toured devastated parts of the city and met families affected by Hurricane Katrina.

I’m so glad we ended the season on a reflective note.

What did you guys think of season 2?… especially the finale?