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Khloe’s PETA photo is oh-so-real!

December 11, 2008 / 131 Comments

I am so proud of Khloe for following her passion for animals. Some
bloggers are being harsh about her PETA ad, claiming her photo was
heavily airbrushed… But photographer and good friend Troy Jensen, who shot the ad, was quick to quell the rumors saying…

“I really did NOT do any body shaping on [Khloe]. I didn’t do computer
sculpting or liposuction on it at all. She has very smooth skin. She’s
also the wild child of the group so I wanted wild hair – it’s a
beautiful shot.”

Read more of Troy’s interview on the PETA ad shoot on!

And yes, I have been there to support Khloe every minute of the way!

Come back soon for behind-the-scenes pictures of the unveiling of Khloe’s ad campaign on two buildings! It’s spectacular!