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St. Patty’s Day with Jimmy Fallon and Bill Paxton

March 18, 2009 / 84 Comments

We spent St. Patrick’s Day with Jimmy Fallon and Bill Paxton… well, kind of.

We were on the Jimmy Fallon Show and Bill Paxton was on as well. We are such Jimmy Fallon fans and SNL fans, so it was so cool he had us on.

Of course while we are in the dressing room getting ready, we see my mom getting her makeup done by Mario! She is too funny!

After the show we headed over to a pub across the street and played this quarter-tossing game and hung out.

St. Patrick’s Day was much more fun than we expected!

Grand finale: Mario makeup tips

March 6, 2009 / 41 Comments



Hey guys!

Mario has given some great makeup tips in writing and on video!

Thanks so much for doing this Mario! You are truly amazing!

Here is the monster final installment of his makeup and face care Q&A…

Jackie: Mario, I love how you do makeup, I want to know where I can get
the sponge like thing you used to put on her foundation. I would realy
like to get one. I use foundation everyday, I use a foundation brush.
So please let me know where I can get one. Thanks.

Mario: Hey Jackie, I LOVE that sponge too.  It’s called The Beauty
Blender.   You can get it at .  Don’t forget to get
the cleanser for the sponge too.  It works amazing so you can wash it
over and over again.

?Hawaii: Hi Mario! Great job. Here is my question: Should primer be used after a moisturizer or does it matter?

Mario: Aloha Hawaii, yes. You can moisturize first, let it set in for a few minutes, then prime.

Rx: Hi Mario! The look you done on Kim was gorgeous! -Id like to know
how you got into the makeup industry and was it hard for you to get
there? Thank you!

Mario: Thank you, Rx. I got into the makeup industry when I was 17
years old.  I started in retail then eventually began to work with
photographers and I assisted famous makeup artists for years.  I can’t
say that it’s easy because it’s not.  A lot of hard work, sweat and
tears go into it (especially In NYC), but if you love it and believe in
yourself, you succeed.  

Christine80: Thanks for the tutorials. I just love them. My question
is: Does Mario work with non-celebrities? I am getting married and if
he could make me half as pretty as you, Kim…well, let’s just say I
would be ever so grateful.

(Get Mario’s answer and much more after the jump!)

Mario’s makeup tips continued…

March 5, 2009 / 39 Comments

Here is more from my makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic! He is such a great resource!…

Amirah: Hi Mario, my question is about brushes. How important do you
think it is to have a set of expensive make up tools? Or what should
you look for when investing in brushes?

Mario: I think your tools are very important in helping you achieve the
look you desire.  A set of about 10-12 brushes should do it.  Brushes
make blending shadows and colors easy.  A great brush set to try is the
one by

LadyJ: Thank you Kim and Mario for the make-up blog, I really
appreciate it, I’m learning a lot from it! I have one simple question:
1. what is in your opinion, the name of the best product for a
concealer to cover blemish prone scars (my tone is medium golden
beige)? Thank you Kim and Mario!!!

Mario: Lady J – Blemish prone scars should probably be covered with a
cream concealer.  It’s hard to recommend an exact shade but if you need
a very full coverage, try Derma Blend makeup. Just use it on spots and
set with a little powder.  For a cover-up with less coverage then Derma
Blend, Laura Mercier’s secret concealer and Stila is great too.

Little: Hi Kim and Mario, I’ve tried every type of concealer
(liquid,stick,mineral) and my dark circles still show through. What do
you recommend? My face also has many pores, would a primer and
foundation help smooth over my skin?

Mario: Hey Little, if you have many pores, definitely try a primer. I love…

(Go past the jump for much more!)

Mario answers your eye makeup questions!

March 3, 2009 / 27 Comments

Hey guys,

My marvelous makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic answered a TON of your
questions after I posted his makeup videos. Here is the first batch,
which focuses on eye makeup…

Jytza: I was wondering what you think of colored eyeliner and colored
mascara. I’m tired of the basic black and would like a pop of color
without looking tacky…what would you recommend for someone who has
brown eyes like me or Kim?

Mario: I think auburn/burgundy mascara would look great with brown
eyes.  Try green eyeliner – that usually looks good with brown eyes..I
like the MAC’s technakohl liner in Antiquity.   Kevyn Aucoin makes a
great burgundy shade of mascara and Lorac makes a nice Auburn one too.

Mae: Hey Mario! Thanks for answering our make up questions. I use a
regular pencil eye liner. How do you keep it from smudging throughout
the day? And second, which eye shadow colors look good on medium tan,
skin tones?

Mario: Hey Mae, before you apply your pencil on the upper lid, use an
eye shadow primer or some foundation/concealer on the lid and dust some
loose powder over it to set it.  Follow with the liner.  You could also
apply the liner, then set it with a translucent, no color powder.  If
the liner on the inner rim of your eye isn’t staying, switch to a
waterproof  one like the powerpoint pencil from MAC.  It lasts all day.

OfficialGirl09: Hi Mario! I only use liquid eyeliner and I wanted to
know what is the best one? I’ve always used “Almay” and I love it
because it last long, but it smears a little on the bottom lid. Help!

Mario: Hey OfficialGirl09, I like using liquid eyeliners that are matte
and that can blend easily once they dry.  The one I’m currently using
is by MAC.  To prevent smearing on the bottom, again – make sure the
skin has makeup and powder on before.  Powder will really help to
prevent smudges.

(There are a bunch more answers after the jump!)

See all three Mario makeup lessons!

February 25, 2009 / 138 Comments

Hey guys, I hope you enjoy the make up blog Mario and I did! I’m sure
you have lots of questions. If you leave your
questions in the comments section Mario himself will answer them! I will compile them all and
give him a few days to answer them, then I’ll post them up all at once!

Ask away!!!

Also check out Mario’s website!

Oh, and if you didn’t see all three of the makeup video blogs, make sure you watch!
Makeup with Mario Part 1
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Makeup with Mario, part 3

February 19, 2009 / 34 Comments

Makeup with Mario, part 2

February 19, 2009 / 46 Comments