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My NY Fashion Week Hair

September 25, 2009 / 26 Comments

Spoiled Pretty met up with Rolando Beauchamp, the man behind my New York Fashion Week hairstyles! Check out the video below to see what products Rolando used on my hair and how he created all my fabulous fashion week looks. One of my favorites was the Ava Gardner look! I put a side by side of Ava and myself in the gallery so you can see how the hair compared! What do you think of the 1940s style?

I usually wear my hair long or slick it back for a more sophisticated, sleek look, but I love that I can pin it back to give the illusion of a shorter bob without cutting it. I really love trying new things and Rolando really worked his magic!   

Spoiled Pretty’s Beauty Breakdown with Mario

September 22, 2009 / 35 Comments

My wonderful makeup artist Mario chatted with the ladies at Spoiled Pretty and gave a really detailed breakdown of the products he used to create my Emmy’s look and the steps he used to achieve it.

I really loved this look! I don’t wear blue eyeshadow very often but it added something unique to the look and made it bright and fresh. A smokey look would have been too heavy for the dress, so this was so perfect! Mario always knows the exact makeup look to do to compliment an outfit.

The Launch Party Makes it Official!

September 15, 2009 / 35 Comments

The launch party makes it official :) I celebrated my launch party as the Beauty Editor of OK Magazine and it
was the most intimate and special night! This job is a dream come true! I can’t believe I get to interview all of the make up artists and hair
stylists behind the scenes at all of the fashion shows! I am learning
such amazing tricks and I will share them all with you in OK magazine!

I continued my theme of old Hollywood glam and wow do I
love this era! Rolando did my hair and Mario did my make up! I am so
impressed! I wore a gorgeous Badgley Mischka gown, which you may recognize from my fitting, that completed the
whole look! After the party Jonathan, Simon, Brandon and I all went to eat at my favorite New York City restaurant Waverly Inn!

I spoke with OK Magazine on the red carpet at the event to talk about red carpet beauty secrets! Check out the video!

Immortalizing My Blonde Hair with Nick Saglimbeni

September 14, 2009 / 76 Comments

I wanted to really capture my blonde hair and immortalize it and Nick Saglimbeni was the perfect person to capture it! We did a shoot for Quick Trim and some
future calender stuff! He really is the best photographer! This was
probably my favorite shoot ever because I had full control… well my
team and I collectively had full control. I left it up to Mario (for make up), Frankie (for hair) and Monica (for styling) and we all collaborated and did whatever we wanted to make the shoot perfect! My glam squad all get along so well, it’s so easy to get good results working together. We wanted fashionable and sexy! Monica pulled from my closet and hers
and I love everything she pulled! Check out the fab clothes and the behind
the scenes look at our shoot. All the pics from the computer screen are
shots we took!

I love Nick Saglimbeni!! Check out his website

The World’s Greatest Popstar

September 11, 2009 / 24 Comments

I filmed this TV show called World’s Greatest Popstars, a new show in the UK! The artist I was covering all day was Pink! She’s
one of my favorites and I was so happy to be doing a whole day devoted
to her! I was super tired that day so in between takes when they were resetting up the
lights I would lay in bed haha! We shot it in the penthouse at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles!

Check out the commercial for the show!

Who is the world’s greatest popstar in your opinion?

Beach Body, Bahamas Style

September 11, 2009 / 222 Comments

I went to the Bahamas to shoot for People
magazine for a beach body spread
! This was the most beautiful shoot
ever. The ocean, the sand, everything in the Bahamas is so peaceful. It was so much fun because Frankie and Mario came out to do my hair and make up! I can always be super silly with those boys, so it made the shoot extra fun!

Kourt’s Milkshake Craving

September 3, 2009 / 37 Comments

Me, Mario, Kourt, Scott and Rob all met up for dinner at Mr Chow last week. Afterward Kourtney wanted a milkshake so we went to Millions of Milkshakes for a yummy treat!