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Grand finale: Mario makeup tips

March 6, 2009 / 41 Comments



Hey guys!

Mario has given some great makeup tips in writing and on video!

Thanks so much for doing this Mario! You are truly amazing!

Here is the monster final installment of his makeup and face care Q&A…

Jackie: Mario, I love how you do makeup, I want to know where I can get
the sponge like thing you used to put on her foundation. I would realy
like to get one. I use foundation everyday, I use a foundation brush.
So please let me know where I can get one. Thanks.

Mario: Hey Jackie, I LOVE that sponge too.  It’s called The Beauty
Blender.   You can get it at .  Don’t forget to get
the cleanser for the sponge too.  It works amazing so you can wash it
over and over again.

?Hawaii: Hi Mario! Great job. Here is my question: Should primer be used after a moisturizer or does it matter?

Mario: Aloha Hawaii, yes. You can moisturize first, let it set in for a few minutes, then prime.

Rx: Hi Mario! The look you done on Kim was gorgeous! -Id like to know
how you got into the makeup industry and was it hard for you to get
there? Thank you!

Mario: Thank you, Rx. I got into the makeup industry when I was 17
years old.  I started in retail then eventually began to work with
photographers and I assisted famous makeup artists for years.  I can’t
say that it’s easy because it’s not.  A lot of hard work, sweat and
tears go into it (especially In NYC), but if you love it and believe in
yourself, you succeed.  

Christine80: Thanks for the tutorials. I just love them. My question
is: Does Mario work with non-celebrities? I am getting married and if
he could make me half as pretty as you, Kim…well, let’s just say I
would be ever so grateful.

(Get Mario’s answer and much more after the jump!)