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LOVE Kendall Jenner On The Cover Of Love!!!

July 31, 2014 / 19 Comments

Kim Kardashian - Instagram Update

My Limited Edition ‘Love’ Fragrance!

August 3, 2011 / 65 Comments

Kim Kardashian Limited Edition Wedding Fragrance Love 1000 Bottles

Hi dolls!!!! I’m thrilled to reveal my limited edition wedding fragrance, ‘LOVE!’

I thought it would be fun to create a special fragrance that represents this special time in my life! We’ve only produced 1000 bottles… one for me to wear on my wedding day, 200 for my bridal shower, and 799 for you guys!

I really hope you guys love it as much as I do. I’ve had such a positive response to my previous two fragrances and this one means so much to be because of what it stands for… the enduring beauty of building a life with your other half and watching your love grow, each and every day.

You can purchase it now online at

My ‘Love’ Fragrance Ad in WWD

October 10, 2010 / No Comments

Kim Kardashian Love Fragrance WWD Magazine Advertisement

Fab ad for my LOVE fragrance today in WWD!

Kim Kardashian: Valentine 4-1-1

February 12, 2009 / 53 Comments

Hey guys,

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I was asked all of these fun questions by my friends at Celebuzz! Check out my answers…

What is the story behind your first kiss?

My first kiss was with a guy named Gerard. We were in the fifth grade and we were at recess. Everyone dared us to kiss so everyone surrounded us and we counted to three then pecked for a millisecond! It was sooo scary, and when we all ran back into class everyone was giggling. I just ran into him the other night! We retold that story!
Have you ever had a bad Valentine’s Day?
The best Valentine’s Day is just when you can be alone with the one you love! I can’t really remember an awful V-Day story, actually.
Who is your celebrity crush?

Secret celebrity crush has got to be George Clooney! He’s just so sexy!
What are your picks for the best five songs for Valentine’s Day?
1. Beyonce: Dangerously In Love
2. Mariah Carey: We Belong Together
3. Michael Jackson: The Girl Is Mine
4. Celine Dion: My Heart Will Go On
5. Chaka Kahn: Ain’t No Body

Check out what my other celebrity friends (and family) have answered these intriguing Valentine questions!

Learning from love mistakes

November 11, 2008 / 242 Comments

Hi Kimmy,

Congrats on all of your achievements. I think that you’re a great person with a big heart. I’ve recently come across an interview you did back in 2007 and you mentioned that you married young and learned from your mistakes. I got married when I was 19 and I’m 23 now. I’ve been married for nearly four years. Though I’ve chosen to marry against my parents’ will, I don’t remember the last time I’ve been happy with him. I’ve learned we have so many differences and I am struggling to get out of this marriage. I don’t know what to do. My parents have disowned me, I’ve got no love and support from my family, so I would really appreciate your input on this. You’re my idol, and I wish I can one day have the courage and strength you had to move on with your life and put your mistakes behind you. Love you heaps… AND PLZ REPLY TO THIS. I’LL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL!