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‘Whiteout’ Premiere with Khloe and Lamar

September 10, 2009 / 46 Comments

Khloe, Lamar and I went to the premiere of Kate Beckinsale’s new movie, Whiteout. The movie was great! Then we all went to eat at Mr. Chow. What do you think of my 40s old Hollywood hairstyle?

Photos from Getty via Socialite Life

My Secret Weapon!

September 4, 2009 / 37 Comments

This is Philip and he is my secret weapon! He works at Prive Salon in Los Angeles and he always make my hair look perfect! He does the best cuts and blow dries and he has a new T-shirt line coming out soon for men! Multi-talented, lol! I will keep you guys posted!

Experimenting with Different Hollywood Hair Looks

July 13, 2009 / 28 Comments

I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different Hollywood hair looks recently. First I tried out a long glamorous blonde look with the help of Chuckie Amos for Scott Barnes’ book About Face. Then Ken Paves helped me transform my hair into a short, light bob for a magazine photoshoot. Then for the MuchMusic Video Awards I ditched the wigs and Roberta Rogers and Ken Paves used my real hair and created an illusion of a short dark bob for a brunette Marilyn Monroe look! I loved it!

I love experimenting with hair looks! It keeps things interesting and
new, and thanks to the amazing and talented hair stylists who create my
looks, I know I’m always in good hands and my hair will always look
red-carpet ready! haha.

Do you have a favorite look that I’ve done recently? I’d be interested
to see which hair look you like the best! Let me know why in the

Get My Chic Bob Look

June 23, 2009 / 27 Comments

The Frisky have done a really cute blog about how to get my short cropped bob look that I wore to the MuchMusic Video Awards. You all know I would never just cut off all my hair just like that for one night’s red carpet, so I had Ken Paves and Roberta Rogers work their magic on my hair to create a shorter look for the evening. It turned out great!

Nina Carbone at The Frisky has given a 4-step guide on how to create a similar look without chopping off your hair. 

Step #1 Start with sorta dirty hair (unwashed hair is the key to
pretty much every up-’do because the second-day oil equal major texture
and lots for hair pins to cling on to). If you’ve got stick straight
hair, drag out the curling iron (or curl your hair in rollers if you
got ‘em) and wind random sections around the barrel of a one inch or
larger iron. The more haphazard the better. Keep clicking for more
faux-bobs and additional instructions.

For steps 2, 3 and 4 click on the pic of me at the awards above!!

Let me know if you guys try out the look!


I’m on Chelsea Lately Tonight!!

June 8, 2009 / 76 Comments

I will be on Chelsea Lately tonight! I love her! She is so honest
and so funny! We had a really good fun time. We laughed the whole time
talked about everything from my fitness DVD and whether or not the
workout clothes cause camel toe, about Bruce and his recent
surgery, and even Reggie! It’s my best interview with Chelsea yet!

This was my first time working with Myla Morales, she is amazing!
She’s worked with everyone form Cassie to Rihanna. I was so excited to
work with her! I love checking out the technique of any make up artist
because I really feel they are each individual, unique talents and everyone has their own personal
method. Myla started off by putting Creme de la Mer serum all over my
face, which completely soothed my skin. I had no idea La Mer made make
up, but was pleasantly surprised when Myla used a really amazing
translucent powder, which was the best powder I have ever used! The make
up turned out beautiful.

Frankie Payne did my hair and as always it turned out gorgeous!
We wanted a straighter look because I always go so curly with it.
Frankie blew my hair out using products by Orlando Pita. First he used
“Elevate” setting spray, which can be used on damp hair to blow dry, and he
then used a T3 flat iron to straighten my hair and control frizz. To
add shine he sprayed on “Boost” which is a non-greasy serum that doesn’t
weigh your hair down. And that’s it!!!

Make sure you tune in tonight at 11pm on E!


Ken Paves Transforms Me

June 8, 2009 / 122 Comments

Last week I did a photoshoot for a magazine. I can’t give away the concept just
yet but it involved other reality stars. This shoot was
the first time I worked with famed hair stylist Ken Paves. He
completely transformed my hair! Check it out! We used a wig! This isn’t the first time I’ve experimented with wigs haha. Remember my blond wig?? What do u think of me
with short hair?

I Went Blonde!

April 26, 2009 / 334 Comments

It’s a wig! Did I have you fooled? I
did a fabulous
photo shoot this weekend
for Scott Barnes book called About Face. Chuckie Amos did the hair and transformed me with this blonde wig and they put this hair piece on! I haven’t
taken it off since, because I’m really loving the look.
I’ve been
wearing it around New York and everyone thought it was my real hair!
It’s making me want to dye my hair and maybe go lighter for the summer.
What do you think? Should I dye it for real?