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Me and My Big Bad Wolf!

November 3, 2010 / 40 Comments

Kim Kardashian Little Red Riding Hood Jonathan Cheban Wolf

So after a few costume changes I finally decided to go to Heidi and Seal‘s Halloween party as Little Red Riding Hood, and Jonathan went as the big bad wolf!!!

There Seems to be a Theme to My Birthday Gifts…

October 22, 2010 / 44 Comments

Kim Kardashian birthday gift Jonathan Cheban Christian Louboutin Spiked

Spikes! LOL

I got my first birthday gift a few weeks ago and it was from Jonathan and Simon. They are so sweet, and surprised me with this gorgeous Christian Louboutin spike clutch! I didn’t hurt myself on this gift though!!

I swear I have been celebrating my birthday all month long now! It’s been fun!

Celebrating ‘The Spin Crowd’ Season Finale

October 11, 2010 / 33 Comments

Kim Kardashian Spin Crowd Finale Party Jonathan Simon

I honestly can’t believe that The Spin Crowd season one has come to an end! Like, wow! It’s so crazy to think that this idea Jonathan and I had a couple of years ago became a reality and now the season is over!

I’m so proud of Jonathan and Simon!

Would you guys like to see a second season??

Stopping By ‘On-Air with Ryan Seacrest’

September 10, 2010 / 15 Comments

Kim Kardashian Ryan Seacrest Radio Show on Air Jonathan Cheban

Jonathan and I stopped by On-Air with Ryan Seacrest recently to chat about The Spin Crowd and other fun stuff.

I looked through my old posts and found pics from my previous visits to Ryan’s show! Always a pleasure, Ryan! You always know EXACTLY what to ask… LOL.

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Talking ‘The Spin Crowd’ with Young Hollywood

August 25, 2010 / 22 Comments

Kim Kardashian Simon Jonathan The Spin Crowd Young Hollywood

Jonathan, Simon and I stopped by the Young Hollywood studio last week for a fun interview! As always, it’s so much fun doing interviews with Jonathan and Simon because they make me laugh so much. They are the funniest guys I know, and always make sure to get a few laughs from the interviewer.

Watch our interview with Cambio Connect here, and see lots of fun pics of me, Jonathan and Simon here.

And… of course… tune in to E! this Sunday at 10:30pm to see the second episode of The Spin Crowd. The show got such an amazing response, I know you guys are going to love the rest of the season! (more…)

‘The Spin Crowd’ Crew on Cambio Connect

August 20, 2010 / 17 Comments

Kim Kardashian Jonathan Simon Spin Crowd Video

Jonathan, Simon and I stopped by Cambio Connect to chat about The Spin Crowd.

I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to work with my friends and family. Jonathan and Simon are two of my closest friends, and we have so much fun working together.

You guys must tune in on Sunday at 10 pm for the season premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the The Spin Crowd right after!!

You can see us talking about style on the show here.


Talking Style on ‘The Spin Crowd’

August 19, 2010 / 13 Comments

Spin Crowd Kim Kardashian Simon Huck Jonathan Cheban

Jonathan, Simon and I recently did an interview with Taryn at Cambio Style to discuss fashion on The Spin Crowd!! I swear Jonathan is obsessed with clothes!! He is constantly commenting on my makeup and outfits!!

This Sunday is such a huge day for me… season 5 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians premieres at 10 p.m. on E! as well as The Spin Crowd right after!!

You all better be tuning in for a fun and crazy hour of television, LOL. And log in to Twitter during the show because we will be tweetering up a storm!!