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Loren Interviews ‘The Queen of It All’ :)

September 7, 2010 / 43 Comments

Kim Kardashian Kris Jenner Loren Ridinger Interview

My wonderful girl friend Loren Ridinger did a really cute interview with my mom, which she posted on her blog, so I thought I’d share it with you guys. I love mom’s response to Loren’s question asking what makes a woman beautiful. Mom has always taught us to be self-assured and confident in our own skin, and I think that’s one of the biggest lessons a mother can teach her daughter. Here’s a snippet of the interview…

Of your six children, who do you think reminds you the most of yourself?

Kim is definitely my twin. She and I connect on so many levels: spiritually, emotionally, and even physically, sometimes (we seem to have similar body issues, lol). But we really see eye-to-eye when it comes to business. And we really trust and respect each other immensely—which is what great relationships are all about! The fact that we love each other to pieces… doesn’t hurt.

What do you think makes a woman beautiful?

Confidence… being self assured… good self-esteem… having a really good self-image and being happy in your own skin. The way you carry yourself says it all.

Beauty really does start from within, so feeling good and eating right is key. Getting lots of exercise helps, too. But beauty also lives in the soul—it’s in the heart. Some of the most beautiful women I know I barely need to look at, it’s all about how they make me feel and how they feel about themselves that oozes beauty from within. There is such power in owning how beautiful you are inside and out. You would be surprised how projecting that glow in a positive way has such a naturally amazing effect on others and actually helps others feel better about themselves. I really feel if we were kinder people and were not so judgmental everyone would have a better feeling about themselves, and therefore be so much more successful and happy. And lastly: have a good sense of humor about yourself. LAUGH… it really makes a woman so beautiful when she has a smile on her face—plus, it’s contagious!

You can read the rest of Loren’s interview with mom here.

And dolls, please be sure to check out Loren’s site. She always posts the most inspirational blogs.


My ‘Prestige’ Magazine Spread

September 3, 2010 / 39 Comments

Kim Kardashian Prestige Magazine Hong Kong Cover

Yesterday I posted one of two covers I shot for the fifth anniversary of Hong Kong’s Prestige magazine, and I wanted to share the second cover and the whole spread with you guys today.

It’s amazing to me that I have fans in Asia! I really want to visit Hong Kong!! I hear it’s beautiful and that the people are so nice.

Click through the gallery to read my whole interview and see all the pics from the shoot. I love the way these photos turned out! This was the shoot where I experimented with bangs!

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Talking ‘The Spin Crowd’ with Young Hollywood

August 25, 2010 / 22 Comments

Kim Kardashian Simon Jonathan The Spin Crowd Young Hollywood

Jonathan, Simon and I stopped by the Young Hollywood studio last week for a fun interview! As always, it’s so much fun doing interviews with Jonathan and Simon because they make me laugh so much. They are the funniest guys I know, and always make sure to get a few laughs from the interviewer.

Watch our interview with Cambio Connect here, and see lots of fun pics of me, Jonathan and Simon here.

And… of course… tune in to E! this Sunday at 10:30pm to see the second episode of The Spin Crowd. The show got such an amazing response, I know you guys are going to love the rest of the season! (more…)

Revealing My ‘Allure’ September Spread!

August 17, 2010 / 33 Comments

Kim Kardashian Allure Magazine September Cover

Hey dolls! I am so pleased with the way my interview with Alexandra Jacobs and photo shoot with Michael Thompson for the September issue of Allure Magazine turned out. It’s such a huge honor to be on the cover!!!!

I’ve posted the whole spread here… let me know what you think! I think the pics are really natural and feminine… alluring, I guess you could say ;) I’m channeling my idols like Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor!!! I absolutely love this look!

I’m wearing a gorgeous bra by Jenna Leigh… her lingerie is to die for and was so perfect for the shoot!

Cracking Up with Teri Hatcher for GetHatched

July 15, 2010 / 47 Comments

The gorgeous and talented Teri Hatcher has a fabulous web page called “Get Hatched” on I recently did an interview with Teri for the site and we talked all about what makes me giggle! This was such a fun interview to do because I got to think about all the things that make me laugh! Read my interview below!

When was the last time you cracked up…had a genuine belly laugh?

I have a genuine belly laugh every single day! It’s a necessity to being happy and healthy! I laughed so hard today in the car when I was joking around about having the ability to fall asleep anywhere at any time, and a friend reminded me that I fell asleep at DisneyWorld on a ride!

Who is the funniest person you know?

The funniest person I know is my brother Robert! I am constantly laughing every time we are together! He has the weirdest sense of humor. He always has a straight face but totally kidding around.

Are your parents funny?

My dad was the funniest person ever!!! He and my brother have the same exact personality. My mom attempts to be funny but…LOL!

Is there one comedy performance you’ve seen that no matter where you are or what you’re doing it never fails to crack you up?

Chris Rock ALWAYS makes me laugh no matter what!!

Do you have any funny or unusual rituals you do before you perform?

Being on my blackberry and tweeting about my nerves always calms me down.

Read the rest of my interview after the jump…


10 Questions with JR

July 6, 2010 / 42 Comments

Kim Kardashian JR Ridinger Interview

I sat down with Loren‘s husband and my close friend, JR Ridinger, to chat about the latest news in my life, and talk a little bit about becoming an entrepreneur. Make sure you check out his website!


You have 3.7 million followers on twitter, how has social media changed the way you do business and how has it affected your personal life brand?

I am almost at 4 million! Hoping to get there this week! I really believe I have a brand for my fans and tools like twitter have allowed me to connect and communicate directly with my fans! I get to hear what my fans are asking for an I make sure I can provide them with a product or information.


Over the past few years reality TV has taken over television, practically anyone can become a celebrity without having or needed the experience. Did you ever expect for your show “Keeping up With the Kardashians” to become this successful and what have you learned from it?

We had a fun idea to share our lives on TV and in no way did we ever think it would elevate to this level. We definitely share our craziness and family feuds but there is so much love and heart in our family, I just think people can relate. We have grown closer as a family from this experience and bottom line we love what we do.


What are the biggest issues facing your generation today?

There are so many different issues my generation is facing. This certainly is not a huge issue but being the hopeless romantic that I am, I find that old fashion love is hard to come by now in days. Too much communication… no more sweet letters and cards, it’s all e-mails and texting, so impersonal. I do know that life was definitely more simple even when I was growing up. No cell phones, myspace, facebook. Seems like monogamy is an issue.

Read the rest of my Top 10 with JR after the jump!


My Q&A with Kim Kardashian Web

June 21, 2010 / 42 Comments

I recently did a Q&A with my fab fans at Thanks so much dolls for all your love and support! My fans mean the world to me!! 2009 was certainly the year of the Kardashians and 2010 is proving to be no different. What would you say makes you, Kourtney and Khloe so relatable to your fans?
2010 will no different! Well we hope. The bottom line is, we are having a great time doing what we are doing and I think people can see that. We have a brand for the fans. I really look at what our fans are asking us for, advice, tips, fashion, beauty…and we try to give them! What were your childhood dreams?
As a child I always wanted to be a teacher! You’ve pursued a variety of projects and expanded your brand incredibly,are there any opportunities you haven’t yet come across but couldn’t pass up?
I love fashion and would love to do my own line of clothes! As previously stated, you’ve expanded your name into a great brand and become quite the young business woman. Your Mom is your manager and your Father was incredibly successful. Do you think you inherited their mindsets when it comes to business?
Absolutely! I learned everything from both of my parents. My Dad was extremely hard working and my Mom makes it all happen! I’m so proud to have them as great examples.

Read the rest of the Q&A here.