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Update on Zeke

December 6, 2012 / 8 Comments

Kim Kardashian Ezekial Kendall Heart Transplant

I just received an update about Zeke, the brave young man who got sick three weeks ago and discovered his heart was failing and his only option was a heart transplant.

Zeke is still without a suitable donor, so doctors decided yesterday Zeke’s failing heart and health could not wait any longer and he underwent a life saving surgery to prolong his battle. After hours in the operating room  Zeke is awake and in good condition thanks to an artificial heart called the SynCardia Total Artificial heart. This amazing technology has prolonged his life and will allow Zeke to wait until a donor is found.

I’m told Zeke has been reading all of the news on his situation and can’t believe all of the support he has been receiving from total strangers, which continues to inspire him.

I am really happy to hear this positive news. Zeke, you are in my thoughts and prayers!

More info about Zeke and how you can donate and help his cause here.