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Khloe’s trip to the morgue

October 17, 2008 / 99 Comments

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Khloe recently did her morgue program that was required by the court due to her DUI arrest last year.

Khloe flew in from NYC for the day to go. She was very nervous about this! She knew she was about to see things no body should ever see! Her check-in time was 8:30am and she made sure not to eat before going in because the smell would make her sick to her stomach.

What Khloe saw at the morgue, she could not fully describe and would not talk to the whole family for a few hours afterward. She was visibly shaken.

She finally described to us what she saw…

There were 235 dead bodies in freezers. She saw a deceased 15-year-old boy who just came in with seven gunshot wounds, one to the head!

She saw a burned homeless man whose body they could not identify so they left him sitting out, not covered in plastic. He was holding a dog. They were huddled together and got burned together.

Khloe also saw an autopsy being performed. They removed the brains and everything.

Khloe couldn’t sleep all that night and hardly ate all day. She was so torn up by this experience.

I share this with you in hopes that you guys can learn from my sister Khloe and what she has gone through in making the biggest mistake by drinking and driving.

Consorting with the Beverly Hills cops

May 30, 2008 / 47 Comments

Hey guys,

So last week I came back to town and stopped by the Beverly Hills
police department sobriety checkpoint to talk to teenagers about the
risks of drinking and driving. 

I shared my story with them… hopefully you will find it impactful:

When I was about 15 my dad would take me driving with him
every weekend to make sure I was prepared to get behind the wheel. He
made me make a promise to him that, no matter what, I had to go out
with my sister Kourtney and her friends, because he knew they
were a little older than me and they may be drinking. I promised him I
would always drive them home, and no matter what time it was, I had to
call him to let him know we made it to our friends’ houses safe and
sound if we slept out. I always wanted to make him proud!

I also explained to the teens how much I absolutely hate the taste of
alcohol! I have never liked it! Sometime peer pressure can be tough to
deal with but I let the teenagers know that it’s cool to not drink if you don’t like it!
They agreed!

I also brought Reggie along with me, who shared his story of
determination to make it into the NFL, and that partying just didn’t fit
in his equation. It’s cool that neither one of us drink!

Another point I made to the group was what can happen when you do make  the wrong choices. I shared Khloe‘s story about how she got a DUI… because realistically most people like to drink. It’s just about being responsible when you do drink. I expalined how Khloe has to live with her consequences of getting a DUI and how she is dealing without a license today.

It’s totally fine to drink if you are of age, but it’s just not acceptable to drink and drive!

For those who are of age, what is your drink of choice? I wish i could
say I had one… If I had to choose, I would probably go with kahlua
and milk!