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Cici is my style guru

October 1, 2008 / 90 Comments

My cousin Cici (far left) styled the jewels on my mom here. Jeweler Lynn Tran (far right).

Have you noticed my Mom’s fabulous jewelry she has been wearing on Dancing With the Stars while fulfilling her duties as correspondent for ET and The Insider? She reminds me of a modern day Liz Taylor!

My cousin Cici is a fashion and jewelry stylist and is responsible for selecting my Mom’s incredible jewelry! Cici has an incredible sense of style! She is like an encyclopedia on fashion and design! We can talk fashion for hours!

Cici’s mentor, my Grandma Helen Kardashian, was a fixture on Rodeo Drive and on best dressed lists in Beverly Hills for years!

Cici’s life-long love and passion for fashion is amazing! I always love to see what she is wearing! She loves coming to my house and looking in my closet!

The jewels are gorgeous and Cici’s swears by Jewels by JT. I love their pieces too!

Check out pictures of my mom wearing the jewelry and there is an extra picture of me wearing a set of beautiful JT earrings. Talk about bling!