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My Workout DVD Cover Artwork

April 7, 2009 / 43 Comments

Check out the cover artwork for my new workout DVDs Fit in Your Jeans by Friday! Above is the artwork for the Amazing Abs Body Sculpt DVD. Then there’s the Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt look and the Bun Blasting Cardio Step look. Oh, and of course, finally, the end result… the “in your jeans” look! Do you have a favorite look?

As a special treat for you guys, I’m giving you an exclusive promo code so that you can receive free shipping and handling when you order your DVDs from! All you have to do is type in “kimk” when you check out!

Oh, and you must make sure you head out and by US Weekly today! I did an exclusive interview with the magazine about Fit in Your Jeans by Friday.