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Sharing Memories on Bruce’s Birthday

November 3, 2009 / 19 Comments

There have been so many birthdays in the family recently it’s hard to keep up!! My birthday was on October 21, then Bruce‘s was on October 28, Kendall‘s was yesterday, mom’s is Thursday and Lamar‘s is on Friday! Crazy!!

We all celebrated Bruce’s 60th birthday by all getting together at Ruth Chris and having an amazing dinner! We all went around the table and shared our favorite memories about Bruce, and mine was from my 11th birthday when Bruce brought Burt, Casey, Brandon and Brody to meet me, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob for the first time and we all danced and hung out all night! It was like our parents had to pull us apart at the end of the night!

Bruce has always been an amazing friend and a good father figure. He is definitely the rock in our family! I love you Bruce!!

Of course we got him a golf course cake! LOL

Old School Pic: Where it all began

March 6, 2009 / 39 Comments

This is my mom and Bruce’s wedding photo! Just the eight kids before Kendall and Kylie were born!

Look at Kourtney’s bowl hair cut! Wow, we have all grown up so much!

Casey is now pregnant! The first grandchild will soon be here!

My mom and Bruce have been married 18 years! I can’t believe it’s been that long!

Review of Christmas past

December 24, 2008 / 31 Comments

Here is a look back of a bunch of photos from Christmas — some of which you haven’t yet seen!

The Christmas card of me, Khloe and Kourtney, from when we were really
young, was taken at my parents’ house. Robert wasn’t even born yet! How
cute is Khloe with that curly hair of hers!

The beach Christmas card was a fun change of pace for us…  Since we live in Los Angeles, we had to do a Christmas card in Malibu at the beach! This card was from two years ago!

And how about the Harley Davidson card!?

As you know, we like to pose every year for our Christmas card!

Which one is your favorite?

 P.S. Check out my other celeb blogger friends’ (and family’s) childhood Xmas photos!

Old School Pic: Ninja Turtle Christmas

December 20, 2008 / 54 Comments

As you know my mom makes a theme for everything! One year when I was 10 my mom decided that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was going to be the theme and we all had to wear black velvet with red lips!

Look at Kourtney’s bowl haircut!

This was the first Christmas we shared with Bruce being our stepdad and his kids celebrated with us: Burt, Brandon, Brody and Casey.

Old School Pic: Annual Christmas card shoot

December 12, 2008 / 125 Comments

Every year we always made a Christmas card… I was 16 years old here!

Bruce‘s daughter Casey and his sons Burt and Brandon are in it too! Brody was out of town when we shot this so he isn’t in it.

Kendall was just born and is a month old!

That particular year, we decided to have a little more fun with it and made our good family friend Ron Hardy dress up as Santa!

Does your family have a holiday tradition?

The Kardashian-Jenner ‘Bunch’

April 7, 2008 / 103 Comments

A lot of people seem to get confused about how many brothers and sisters there are in my family. We’re a modern day Brady Bunch, really. Once you see the breakdown of names and ages, you’ll see why it’s so easy to get it all mixed up:

  • Burt (29 years old)
  • Kourtney (28 years old)
  • Kimberly (27 years old)
  • Casey (27 years old)
  • Brandon (26 years old)
  • Brody (24 years old)
  • Khloe (23 years old)
  • Robert (21 years old)
  • Kendall (12 years old)
  • Kylie (10 years old)