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The Kentucky Derby

May 5, 2009 / 29 Comments

The Kentucky Derby was probably one of the funnest days of my
life! My mom and I totally spent some quality time getting ready
together and showing off our new hats. We color coordinated our outfits
ahead of time, and it was fun to see how it all got pulled together.

I had heard so much about the Derby but no one could quite describe how amazing it is to actually be there. We had the prime seating, with Tom Brady, Matt Castle, Eli Manning (all amazing football players). I invited Reggie
but he wasn’t sure about the Derby, and afterwards he felt so left out! Kid Rock, Brooke Sheilds, Taylor Dayne, and Joey Fatone were there. It was
so much fun! I bet on my first race and my horse came in at #1. It was
so exciting! I love the horse races!

Check out some pics of the whole scene at the Kentucky Derby!

Guess who I am emulating!

August 13, 2008 / 123 Comments

I recently posed for a pictorial in Radar Magazine and had so much fun recreated every ’70s and ’80s jeans ad that Brooke Shields had done.

Going retro was a blast. I added pics of Brooke’s old moves to some of these photos so you can compare and contrast!