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Khloe’s trip to the morgue

October 17, 2008 / 99 Comments

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Khloe recently did her morgue program that was required by the court due to her DUI arrest last year.

Khloe flew in from NYC for the day to go. She was very nervous about this! She knew she was about to see things no body should ever see! Her check-in time was 8:30am and she made sure not to eat before going in because the smell would make her sick to her stomach.

What Khloe saw at the morgue, she could not fully describe and would not talk to the whole family for a few hours afterward. She was visibly shaken.

She finally described to us what she saw…

There were 235 dead bodies in freezers. She saw a deceased 15-year-old boy who just came in with seven gunshot wounds, one to the head!

She saw a burned homeless man whose body they could not identify so they left him sitting out, not covered in plastic. He was holding a dog. They were huddled together and got burned together.

Khloe also saw an autopsy being performed. They removed the brains and everything.

Khloe couldn’t sleep all that night and hardly ate all day. She was so torn up by this experience.

I share this with you in hopes that you guys can learn from my sister Khloe and what she has gone through in making the biggest mistake by drinking and driving.