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Kylie’s blonde streak

September 9, 2008 / 67 Comments

Kylie dyed a strip of her hair blonde!

I was honestly shocked that my mom and Bruce let her do it but she begged and begged. Kylie was good all summer so when she came home from camp they let her do it!

My mom and Bruce reminded Kourtney and me of the time when we dyed our hair purple when we were in our early teens! 

If you decided to do something totally drastic with your hair, what would you do?

Blonde or brunette?

August 14, 2008 / 220 Comments

Hey guys!

has been debating if she should go back to her more natural hair color, which is a dark brown. Of course I encouraged her to go back to her brunette roots! She did, and it looks amazing!!!!

I love her blonde hair—and not every brunette can go blonde—but she pulls off both looks perfectly with her skin tone!

Let us know what you think: blonde or brunette?