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In touch with my roots

January 28, 2009 / 132 Comments

UPDATE: The Armenian orphanage foundation raised $90,000 the night we attended their event! We are so proud!!!

Khloe, Rob and I went to meet Archbishop Hovnan Derderian of Armenia!

There was a charity event for the orphanages in Armenia and we went to support. We were taught how to greet the prime minister and also met Mark Geragos (he is a famous attorney who was friends with my dad)!
Anything we can do to lend our support to our heritage we gladly do!

We are dying to go to Armenia! Hopefully this year we will go! No one in my family has been back, and it’s really important to me that we go!

Old School Pic: My Nana

December 5, 2008 / 84 Comments

This old school pic is of me and my grandmother. We always called her “Nana.” She is my Dad’s mother and her real name is Helen Kardashian.

She passed away earlier this year…

Once my father passed away, she was never the same. She had three children, my aunt Barbara, my uncle Tommy then the baby of the bunch… my dad!

My grandmother is full Armenian. It’s actually very typical to have blond hair and light eyes being full Armenian. This is where Khloe gets her coloring from, in case you have been wondering.

Nana was seriously so much fun! She lived right near my parents growing up and also had a house in Palm Springs that we always spent so much time at.

She was your typical Armenian grandmother: always cooking the best Armenian meals, our favorite which was this Armenian breakfast called “beeshe”! I’m not sure if that’s even how you spell it but it’s basically a fried pancake with lots of sugar on top!

She passed along the recipe but Kourtney is the only one in our entire Kardashian family who has mastered it. So every year in December my dad’s side of the family gets together and Kourtney makes it for us all!

I miss my Nana so much!

Old School Pic: My birthday dinner

October 10, 2008 / 97 Comments

This picture was taken at the Armenian restaurant, Carousel in Hollywood that we would always
go to growing up! This particular photo was taken on my birthday!I think I was turning 19, I can’t exactly remember! No matter how big of a birthday party we would have, the family would always get together for a special B-day dinner at Carousel! Armenian food is my absolute favorite food on the planet! 

Have you ever eaten Armenian food? It’s so good, if you haven’t you need to try it!

Monuments and momentous times in Monte Carlo

June 11, 2008 / 78 Comments

During our first dinner in Monte Carlo, I discovered some new and interesting information about myself!

Being with my grandmother, we all were talking about my grandmother’s love life. Come to find out that my mom’s real father passed away in a car crash before we were born.

So Kourtney and I found out that my grandfather that we always called “papa” was really our step grandpa. He was married to my Grandma MJ for more than 30 years before he recently passed away.

He was German and Irish, so I always thought that I was half Armenian and quarter German and a quarter Irish!

But as we were digging down into our history we realized that on my mom’s side, she is Scottish and Dutch… So it turns out I am half Armenian (a quarter Turkish and a quarter Russian) and a quarter Scottish and a quarter Dutch!

Have you ever discovered important information about yourself that you could have never predicted? Let me know in the comments area!

If you want to know more about my thoughts on being half Armenian click here!

Get the scoop on Jessica Alba, Reggie, me and my family!

May 20, 2008 / 212 Comments

I am constantly reading your comments on the blog and have gathered a few to answer here! If you want to know more about why I don’t drink, what Reggie is up to, what gift I gave Jessica Alba, Khloe‘s actual height, the truth about my bro Brody, and many more topics, keep reading right here! I will feature your questions regularly on the site, so keep ‘em coming! …

Nira says:
You have said on your show that you do not drink, any particular reason why? My friends and I are curious.

There is no fancy reason for why I don’t drink alcohol. I simply hate the taste! I really can’t stomach it. I might drink once a year on a special occasion. I am still recovering from last Memorial Day weekend. The smell to this day makes me want to barf! It’s funny that it seems so odd to people that I don’t drink. They all assume I’m sober or had a drinking problem. Nope, I just hate the taste. I never was a drinker.

Kate says:
Hey Kim! I love your show. You and Kourtney are so hilarious. Do you know if it’ll be coming out on dvd soon?

Yes, season one should be coming out on DVD at the end of summertime.

Carmne says:

Are Rob and Adrienne engaged?

Not yet! We love adrienne and can’t wait until the day they do get married. But no, they are not engaged. 

Daniel says:
How tall is Khloe Kardashian? I’m 6’6”

Khloe is 5’10″.

December says:
Love your show! Your family is really entertaining and supportive of eachother. What’s with some of the nasty comments on this website? And the creepy guys? If you don’t like it don’t look! geez:)

What I have realized is that along with the good, comes the bad. People love to hate and be nasty. They are very judgmental online; I doubt half of the haters would act like that if they saw me in person. I gues you have to have a positive attitude about it! Hate is the new love??

Anonymous says:
Brandon [Jenner] is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT. Is he single? 

He is not. He is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Liah Felder. They are in a band together!

Anonymous says:

Which stepbrother are you closest to and do you think they portray Brody in the right way on ‘The Hills’?

I am closest to Brody because we hang out in the same circles. We run into eachother at the same parties and events even if we didn’t plan on going together! I think The Hills is great and shows him in one form, but there are many sides to Brody you also don’t see on the show.

Anonymous says:
Hey Kim, what did you get Jessica Alba as a gift for her baby shower? :)
She’s so like you – exotic & beautiful and so down to earth... Pinky xoxo

A note about my Armenian background

April 27, 2008 / 159 Comments

I read in the comments that some of you thought it was inappropriate for me not to post about the anniversary of Armenian genocide (which took place just after World War I) and that I was being selfish for spending my day shopping instead.

For those of you who don’t already know, I am half Armenian. I do not speak Armenian, but my late father instilled in us a lot of Armenian culture. My dad was half Turkish Armenian and half Russian Armenian and my mother is German, Irish and Scottish.

Judging by the pictures you have seen on this site and from what the gossip blogs have been saying, I can see why you may have gotten the wrong idea. But that’s what the media put out… They didn’t know I was leaving for Australia, spending my only free day with my boyfriend, running every possible errand because I won’t be home for six weeks. From Australia, I land in Los Angeles and have just a few hours to switch bags before I leave for Shreveport, Louisiana, and won’t be back for more than a month!

After my day of running errands, I spent the evening with my late father’s side of the family. I went to an Armenian dinner with my family, like we often do. Of course, cameras weren’t there for that — and some things I like to keep private.

But all of the chatter really got me thinking… Do I know as much about my Armenian history as I would like to? The honest answer is… no.

That night at dinner my sisters, brother and I decided it is mandatory that we go to Armenia. None of us have ever been, neither had my dad and neither have my grandparents! My great grandparents were from Armenia and escaped the genocide. No one has been back since. All I know about my country is what I read and pictures I see on the Internet.

My parents couldn’t tell us stories because no one has been! So, this generation is going to change that! We don’t know when we are going to go, but we four kids have decided it is something we should do! I heard it is beautiful and we are all really excited about it!

I will definately keep you posted on the details of that trip! It would make my dad so proud!

Back when my father was alive, we didn’t use digital cameras, so I don’t have many pictures with him on my computer. But when I get home I am going to get a scanner so I can show you guys how handsome my daddy was.

I am also going to be honest, I don’t speak Armenian (I know, a lot of you have asked). And I don’t know all of the historical details — so if you have some stories to share with me, I would love that!

What does the Armenian genocide mean to you? Let me know!