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Orphanage Case Blanche

January 21, 2013 / 22 Comments

Jan 21, 2013 | Children Of Africa Foundation. Orphanage Case Blanche : ) by KimKardashian on

Children Of Africa Foundation. Orphanage Case Blanche : )

Sharing My Africa Experience with ET

July 24, 2009 / 53 Comments

I shared some of my home footage of our unforgettable moments in Africa with ET. Take a look at the video to see me talk about the amazing trip and the Diamond Empowerment Fund and to see footage from our visits to the diamond mine and the childrens’ feeding center.

A Visit to the Children’s Feeding Center

July 20, 2009 / 23 Comments

We all went to a feeding center where kids and older women were fed
twice daily. We made them milk by mixing powder and hot water and fed
them slices of bread. These kids were so appreciative!
Khloe had a camera and they were all in such awe of it! She would
take pictures and then show them their own photo and they would
scream! They were so lovable and they were crying when we left!

The older women have their own shop where they make everything from
clothes to beaded jewelry. Khloe and I bought a bunch of really cool bracelets! They all sang and danced, which was pretty emotional. This was one of my favorite moments from the whole trip!

I Didn’t Want To Let Go of These Kids

July 20, 2009 / 36 Comments

This childrens’ school was particularly sad. The children here were
with HIV and AIDS and many had been abandoned. We spent time with these kids
and just seeing
how they held on to us made us never want to let go! I will continue to
pray for these babies! It was so sad to hear all their stories. Breaks
your heart.

Lion Cubs Welcome us to Africa

July 20, 2009 / 64 Comments

After we met with students from the Leadership Academy, we headed over
to Lee-Anne Summers‘ house for a cocktail party and dinner! The dinner was to welcome us all to Africa and
it was a chance for us to share what our experience had been like so far.

Lee-Ann wanted to make this dinner special so she surprised us with baby
lion cubs!!!! I had never in my life gone to any dinner party like this! These cubs make the loudest roar but were so tiny and harmless! They brother and sister 10-week-old cubs. This was a dinner we will never forget!

African Leadership Academy: Future World Leaders!

July 17, 2009 / 14 Comments

I was so impressed with these students. They were so smart and so ambitious! The Diamond Empowerment Fund is going to help sponsor this amazing
school called the African Leadership Academy. The kids were kind enough to meet with us and share their
stories of how they basically came from nothing and have had the
opportunity to get free college funding, and when they graduate if they cannot find a job then they never have to pay back their tuition fees.
They supply all the skills to create their own business so they can
start working while still at the university.

Good luck to them in everything they do! The great future leaders of Africa will definitely come from these schools!

Reggie, Khloe and I go Back to School

July 16, 2009 / 21 Comments


Reggie, Khloe and I visited a village designed for all of the miners. We had lunch and visited a school! Our season three finale aired the day before our visit so they were all big fans! We had no idea our show was even popular in Botswana! How crazy!?