Beautiful Memories in Thailand!

Kim Kardashian - Thank You Thailand
Thank you for the beautiful memories Thailand.

Im In It

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Baby Elephant Selfie

Kim-Kardashian - Thailand

How cute!.. We saw a baby elephant. I tried to take a selfie and he tried to kiss me back but I clearly got scared!

Blue Paradise

Kim-Kardashian - Thailand

Fun beach day here in Thailand. This hotel, the Iniala Beach House, is so gorgeous! There are different blue rooms and I had to put on something to match! ;-) My bikini is by Have Faith and kaftan by Saint Laurent.

Ziplining with the family!

I’m having an amazing time on our trip. The family all went ziplining… Such a cool experience going through the jungles of Thailand. I have been ziplining about a dozen times, but this time was completely different. Such a rush!

Tumblr Tuesday: KxrdashJenner

Kim Kardashian - Tumblr Tuesday

Happy Tumblr Tuesday! This week’s shoutout goes to KxrdashJenner! I love how organized your blog is, it’s so simple and chic! The little style steal posts are a cute twist to your blog, and the quality of all your pics are beautiful! Thank you for updating your blog, I love it!

Don’t forget to keep commenting with your Tumblr links and I might pick you for next week’s Tumblr Tuesday! Xo