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Rock the Tan with Jimmy Coco!

November 16, 2010 / 15 Comments

Kim Kardashian Jimmy Coco Sunless Spray Tanning Rock the Tan

My spray tanner Jimmy Coco is the best ever! I think it’s so important to protect your skin and so I always go for a sunless spray tan… I think it’s the best alternative to harmful UV tanning.

Jimmy hosts these fab ‘Bronzing with bubbly’ social tanning events in the comfort of your own home where he demonstrates his secret tips for applying your best tan. You can check out his website for more details.

He’s also released a song on iTunes and a portion of the proceeds go to The Skin Cancer Foundation. You can get it on iTunes here! Safe tanning, dolls!

Tanning time!

June 25, 2008 / 53 Comments

It’s summer and I know you all are trying to get that glowing tone in your skin to suit the season! Here are some questions I received recently on tanning. I hope you find my answers useful!…

L’apetta da miele says:
Hey Kim! I love your glowing skin, you always have the perfect tan!!!… What is your personal opinion about sunless tanning??? Love you!!! xoxo

I tried sunless tanning one time, right before New Year’s Eve. I was tan and it was great, but I felt a little orange. I have a hard time not showering for 8 hours with that tanning stuff on. I am Armenian, so I naturally have an olive complexion. I want to try the spray tan again sometime.
Latinafan says:
I was wondering do you tan at all?

I know spray tanning is better, but I have only tried it once. I definitely love to lay out in the sun and tan when I’m on vacation!

Aileen says:
Hi Kim, I just wanted to let you know that you have beautiful skin and you give great info about makeup and stuff. But I wanted to know if you like to go indoor tanning or do you think it’s too bad for you skin? Thanks xoxo

I do use a tanning booth, maybe every six months or so, once or twice. I do it if I need a tan fast! Spray tanning is obviously a lot better for you!

Mona says:
Hey Kim! I’d really love your “sun-kissed” look, what is your favorite make-up bronzer to use on your face/body??

I love MAC bronzers! I try to use a darker pressed powder like NC45, instead of bronzers with shimmer, because it tends to look to shiny sometimes.

Also, check out a post I wrote on finding the perfect swimsuit. Click here!