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Chris Soules ‘The Bachelor’ Recap, Week 8: Monkeying Around in the Bali Fantasy Suite

Only three girls remained this week, which means... FANTASY SUITE, BABY! Chris Soules (and Chris Harrison) got to spend a romantic getaway with Kaitlyn, Whitney and Becca in Bali, and at the end of each date, he presented them with a key to the fantasy suite — whether or not they…
By: Kendall Fisher / February 24, 2015

I Kissed a Girl 2015: Katy Perry Celebrates Rihanna’s Birthday With Sensual Fan Art

Rihanna turned 27 three days ago, and while we thought our bikini gallery was a fitting gift, it turns out Bad Gal's pal Katy Perry outdid us. Perry shared a fan drawing of herself and Rihanna about to kiss in honor of RiRi's big day, and it definitely got…
By: Matt Russoniello / February 23, 2015

Hey Hunger Games Fans! You’ll NEVER Guess The Surprise We Have In Store For You!

Are you ready Hunger Games fiends, Liam Hemsworth-lovers and JLaw fans to GET EXCITED?! It’s been a long, trying three months since The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 came out in theaters, and we’re getting anxious. If you’re feeling it too, you’ll NEVER…
By: Rachelle Hadley / February 16, 2015

Taylor Swift Knows How to Cure Heartache, Makes Fan Break-Up Playlist

Taylor Swift definitely knows how to cure a heartache! The 25-year-old singer has been there and done that, so she can give some great advice on love. So, when a fan on Tumblr told Swift about her horrible split with her boyfriend, she knew exactly what to say and do. Check out Swift'…
By: Jess Cohen / February 11, 2015

WATCH: Georges the Golden Retriever is a Huge Tennis Fan

Georges the Golden Retriever is back with his impressive jumping skills and love of the game. This time, the four-legged sports lover is featured a video documenting his recent viewing of the Australian Open.
By: Peggy Truong / February 3, 2015

WATCH: Provoke Your Fantasies with New ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Trailer, and First Full Scene

We all know you're curious about Christian Grey's playroom (aka the "Red Room of Pain") provoke your fantasies ahead of Fifty Shades of Grey's official release on Feb. 13, 2015 by watching the new trailer for the movie, and the first full extended scene! The highly anticipated BDSM film will be released in le…
By: Kaitlyn Laurie / February 2, 2015

That Time ‘KUWTK’ Fan Jennifer Lawrence Met Kim Kardashian and ‘Screamed’

Jennifer Lawrence is not one to hide her true feelings, especially when it comes to reality TV. So no one should be surprised to learn that when JLaw ran into Kim Kardashian recently, a lot of excitement was involved.
By: Peggy Truong / January 29, 2015

Justin Bieber Issues Apology Video to Fans Following Surprise ‘Ellen’ Appearance: ‘I’m Not Who I Was Pretending to Be’

Do y’all still Belieb? While some of us were dreaming the night away, Justin Bieber recorded a video message for his dearest Beliebers. In just under two minutes, the 20-year-old entertainer got real. Like, super real.
By: Peggy Truong / January 29, 2015

Eddie Redmayne Admits to Fangirling Over Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts

Eddie Redmayne: he's just like us! Not only is he a huge Real Housewives and The Hills fan (specifically, a vintage reality TV aficionado), Eddie is totally a Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts fangirl. The Theory of Everything star and Oscar…
By: Kaitlyn Laurie / January 28, 2015

The ‘Fantastic Four’ Teaser Trailer is Here

Our movie theaters might as well exclusively show Marvel films. In its latest installment — a reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise — Jamie Bell, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and a spectacled Miles Teller star as this generation’s Chris Evans and company in a…
By: Peggy Truong / January 27, 2015

Diplo on Taylor Swift’s Fans: ‘They’re the Worst People in the World’

The 2015 Shade Wars rage on! Katy Perry's on-again-off-again boyfriend-slash-whatever, Diplo, is once again making headlines for remarks made about 2014's reigning Pop Queen, Taylor Swift. And this time, he's dragging her fans into the flames.
By: Matt Russoniello / January 23, 2015

Taylor Swift Surprises Fan with $1,989 to Help Pay Off Student Loans: Watch the Touching Video!

Taylor Swift has done it again. After sending a ton of Christmas gifts to fans all over the world to show her appreciation and love, the 25-year-old singer surprised yet another one of her fans with a truly touching gift, sending us all into a frenzy of tears. After finding out…
By: Kendall Fisher / January 13, 2015

Fan Gets Caught Trying to Take Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s Picture: See the Hilarious Result!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfiled caught one fan trying to take their picture, and decided to pose for the photo. Alejandra Garibay was trying to be sneaky and take Stone and Garfield's photo, but the couple caught her! The resulting picture is just hilarious, check it out below!
By: Jess Cohen / January 8, 2015

Jamie Dornan Fears for his Life from ‘Mad Fans’ of R-Rated ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

With his lead role in BDSM movie Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan is basically the new face of every middle-aged woman's sexual fantasy. That is a heavy burden to carry, so it's understandable that "Mr. Grey" is a little scared of his "mad fans", and is fearing for his life whe…
By: Kaitlyn Laurie / January 8, 2015

This Photo of Shirtless Jared Leto With a Fanny Pack Is Everything

If you haven't heard by now, Jared Leto is a huge fan of the fanny pack. If you've haven't noticed, he's also a ridiculously good-looking man. So, what happens when he decides to take a shirtless hike with his favorite 80s accessory? Everything, that's what.
By: Gabrielle Chung / January 6, 2015

Charlie Sheen is Not a Kim Kardashian Fan, According to Latest Twitter Rant

Looks like Kim Kardashian recently pulled a semi-Rihanna and unfortunately for everyone, Charlie Sheen found out about it. On Tuesday morning, Sheen took to Twitter to tell the world about how Kardashian reportedly turned down a 6-year-old fan who just wanted an autograph from the reality TV star.
By: Peggy Truong / January 6, 2015

Marvel Trolls Fans With “Ant-Sized” ‘Ant-Man’ Teaser

Wow, Marvel. Rude. The film studio behind The Avengers, Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy is introducing their forthcoming superhero flick in the most rage-inducing way possible. Instead of giving fans who've been waiting with bated breath to see Paul Rudd as the titular character i…
By: Gabrielle Chung / January 2, 2015

Taylor Swift Made Her Fans Cry (of Happiness) During Massive “Swiftmas” Extravaganza

Taylor Swift sent out personalized Christmas gifts to some of her lucky fans this year, and then created a video epitomizing "Christmas spirit", documenting the whole thing - from a 2014 recap of her accomplishments, to the gift wrapping stages, to the fans opening their gifts (and screaming, crying, and thanking her) themselves.
By: Kaitlyn Laurie / January 2, 2015
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