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Jonathan + Simon + An NYC Christmas Tree = Photo Op!!

December 23, 2009 / 14 Comments

Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than being with my bffs! I adore Jonathan and Simon! We saw them in NYC and had to pose by this gorgeous Christmas tree! You guys know I love my Christmas tree decorations, so I had to take a pic with this one, hahaha. New York is so beautiful at Christmas… very different to LA. Have you guys visited NYC at the holidays?


Sharon Sacks: The Ultimate Wedding and Baby Shower Planner

December 22, 2009 / 17 Comments

Sharon Sacks from Sacks Productions in Calabasas is the ultimate wedding and baby shower planner!! She planned Khloe and Lamar‘s wedding and Kourtney‘s baby shower and the decorations at both were to die for!! Honestly, she’s like the queen of party planning! Every little detail is so carefully thought out and she really personalized each event to perfectly fit Khloe and Lamar’s and Kourtney’s personalities! Take a look through all the pics to see inside the wedding and Kourt’s baby shower.

Pics from Michael Simon

Shopping for Christmas Tree Ornaments!

December 8, 2009 / 23 Comments

I went shopping for Christmas
tree ornaments for our tree in New Orleans and they have the most
amazing stuff! I couldn’t wait to decorate our tree! This one store had a black Saints
tree with footballs and Saints helmets, a Barbie pink tree, a candy cane
tree and a gingerbread man tree… I was in heaven!!!

Have you guys gotten
your trees yet? What do your decorations look like? I am so into decorating!

Mom’s Halloween decorations

October 22, 2008 / 165 Comments

My mom goes all out when it comes to holidays!!!! Halloween is one of our favorites!

I used to celebrate my birthday on Halloween since it is so close, but now since Kendall‘s birthday is November 3rd, she has now taken over the Halloween birthday party ritual!

Check out what my mom has done so far!…

  • She is going to put black fish inside that bowl on the dining room table!
  • On the front lawn there are tombstones that make it look like a grave yard and a strobe light that flashes at night and looks like ghosts are walking through! 
  • Sculls in the dining room (jeweled, of course!)
  • And tons more!

Do you guys decorate your houses or apartments?

I am not decorating my condo because I’m not going to be home long enough to enjoy it and I really don’t have the storage space for all the decorations! My mom has our entire garage filled with bins labeled by holiday!