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Fake Kourtney and Kim Take New York!

October 17, 2011 / 30 Comments

Kim Kourtney Kardashian Disguise Sheiva Carla Blonde Wigs

How funny is this!? Kourtney and I just wanted a day off, so we dressed up Carla and Sheiva as me and Kourt and sent them outside with Scott to see if the paparazzi would think it was us! Sheiva is perfect… she has a big ol’ booty! ha!!

Then Kourt and I put on these blonde wigs and ran outside and were taking pics of them and no one noticed! Hahaha!

I tried my wig on Mason, but he was not having it! LOL

Celebrating 17 Years of Ocean Drive Magazine

January 15, 2010 / 46 Comments

Yesterday Rob and I flew to Miami to attend the 17th anniversary
Ocean Drive Magazine. My friends Loren, JR and Amber all came out to hang out with me. It was a beautiful and elegant event and I chose
this gorgeous black and white dress by Rami Kashou. Don’t you love it!??

Oh, and…
sorry to disappoint
you, Media Take Out… no butt pads here! That dress was so tight, butt pads wouldn’t have even fit! LOL! I got love for you, but that just isn’t the case!

Siwy: My Favorite Jeans Right Now

June 2, 2009 / 76 Comments

I am really loving Siwy jeans at the moment! They fit so well and they have stretch, so they have the perfect skinny legs but enough room for my
booty! They have some really cute styles right now too, so check out the website.

What are your favorite jeans brands at the moment and how do you feel about the shredded and distressed jeans look coming back in style? I really liking it right now.

Bum Lift, It’s a BBF

April 21, 2009 / 17 Comments

I laughed out loud when I saw this product. It’s called ‘Bum Lift’ and it’s by Rodial.

Since everyone always comments about my derriere, I thought it would
funny to blog about it… so if any of you are interested in lifting
you bum, check it out haha

Rodial founder, Maria Hatzistefanis, discovered that over 70%
of women were unhappy with their backsides, she decided to help them.
Bum Lift (the booty’s best friend) is designed to lift, firm, smooth
and tone buttocks and thighs, and has an instant effect.Cellulite is apparently reduced by 32% and thigh/buttock girth can be reduced by up to 3.8cm.

Wow!! Sounds like quite a claim, Bum Lift! Have any of you tried this stuff out?

Mesmerized by Lil Kim on ‘Dancing’

April 1, 2009 / 37 Comments

This week I went to watch Dancing With the Stars and it was so much fun
to catch up with all of my old friends! I met a whole bunch of new
people too!

The dances were amazing, Lil Kim was mesmerizing to watch
and after the show I had to grab her booty! She is so curvy.

and Tony were so beautiful together but so much fun to watch and Cheryl
and Gilles — I really couldn’t tell the difference between who was the professional. They are so hot together!

I absolutely love Holly. It was sad to see Woz and Holly go last night but that’s the rules of the show and now it’s being elevated to the next level.

I am so glad I had the chance
to catch up with my friends! Ahhh, I miss dancing!

Don’t let my size fool you

September 18, 2008 / 301 Comments

Dear Kimee,

I absolutely love you and your advice. You are awesome! :D… I was just wondering what size do you wear in jeans??? I think we have very similar body shapes. I have boobs, curves for days and I definitely have that big Brazilian booty going on. LOL… What are your body measurements???

Brazilian Beauty

I challenge you to workout with me!

June 27, 2008 / 128 Comments

Okay guys!

Summer is here and I feel like I am in good shape, but of course my sisters tell me straight up, we all need to workout and get in better shape!

Kourtney doesn’t workout too much, but knows working out isn’t just to lose weight, it’s to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She has been tiny her whole life! In kindergarten she had to get special school uniforms made because she was still in baby sizes! Kourtney is barely five feet tall and weighs 95 pounds! Khloe is looking fabulous too and has cranked up her workouts and changed her diet! She is 5’10″ and I don’t know how much she weighs! I am about 5’2 1/2″ and weigh 120.

After being in Europe and eating whatever we wanted, I decided to change my eating habits drastically the day I got home! I also have been spending about two hours in the gym three times a week and I am already seeing results!!!

My goal is continue my heavy workouts and just stick to it!!! It’s so easy to start and then get lazy and lose focus! I am focused now and my goal is to lose about ten pounds and gain back five in muscle. I love my shape and size but want to be a little bit more lean and toned!

Now is the time! No more procrastinating!!!!

If anyone wants to start a focused diet and exercise plan, please join me!

You don’t see results overnight so the key will be to motivate each other through the times when we slip off track! I will show you a few exercises and tips from my workout video every so often to give you a kick start!

Here is tip No. 1:

An exercise that I’ve been doing every day that’s really been helping and no gym equipment is needed is… Get a chair or even go near your couch and make sure nothing is in front of it so you can stand right in front of it and act as if you are going to sit down but don’t actually sit! Just lightly touch your booty on it and come back up. Do that seven times! Then do the same thing but this time only half way, come back up and do that seven times. Then do it one more time but when you go to sit down and come back up, only come up about an inch up off the chair! So each time you go lower and lower! Once you finished your lucky 21, take a break and try it again. I try to do that cycle four times.

When I was growing up, Bruce and my mom were always working out and showed us that it’s so important to be healthy! So as a family and even with my friends we would buy workout videos and all do them together, go to classes like spinning or Tae Bo. We always made working out a fun activity after school or on the weekends!