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QuickTrim’s Exciting New Products!

March 21, 2012 / 47 Comments

Kim Kardashian Quick Trim Australia Calorie Sweet Cheater

Calling all my Australian dolls! Just wanted to let you know about this fab new QuickTrim product, Calorie & Sweet Cheater oral spray. It really helps with those sugar cravings we all get. I have such a sweet tooth, so this product really helps me curb those cravings. It tastes great and it fits right in your purse and you can take it with you anywhere. The Calorie & Sweet Cheater oral spray, the Fast Cleanse 48hr detox (a delicious lemonade-flavor drink that helps jump start your weight loss) and the QuickTrim Suppress (which helps increase my energy for workouts and curbs my appetite) are all available at My Chemist, Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Terry White and leading pharmacies.

I’m back on QuickTrim and I’ve been working out and eating healthy every day to get into shape for summer! Xo

Quick Trim: An Explanation

August 4, 2009 / 101 Comments

A lot of you have been leaving comments about Quick Trim saying you are confused about the products and how they work, so I thought it might help to give a breakdown of each product. I know they are a little wordy, but since you were all asking for more info I wanted to give you the complete breakdown! There are three main products…


1. QuickTrim® 14 Day Burn and Cleanse system is a complete all day, all night weight loss system designed to totally transform your body for that big event or to jump-start you on your way to a brand new you. It jump-starts your metabolism, burns calories and cleanses for an all night detox. It’s a 3-part system made up of:

Iso-Burn(TM) AM
Burn fat! Iso-Burn stimulates metabolism to burn more calories and fat. This thermogenic powerhouse also helps to enhance energy levels. Iso-Burn(TM) also helps to maintain blood sugar levels within a normal range, is loaded with antioxidants and helps to promote mood.

Iso-Cleanse(TM) PM
Detox all night! Iso-Cleanse helps to remove toxinsand impurities out of your system that many diets fail to even take into consideration. Detoxing has become one of the healthiest ways to rid your body of intestinal build-up while rejuvenating your entire body. With Iso-Cleanse(TM) you clean and detoxify your system, resulting in better health and energy levels.

Flush it out! Iso-Flush helps to remove excess waterfrom under the skin. Now you can achieve that defined “model look” with the help of Iso-Flush. This herbal diuretic formula helps to define your body so you can show off all of those sexy curves again!

I posted the other products HERE so you don’t get overwhelmed with words haha, so click through to read about Extreme Burn and Fast Cleanse. You’ll totally understand the differences between each product once you read through. Let me know which products you think you would like to try the most!

Quick Trim: The Next Step in My Lifestyle Change

July 19, 2009 / 124 Comments

Khloe has always wanted to get in better shape and I am always looking to find anything I can to keep me fit and toned! I love my curves, and now we’ve found a way to keep them looking their
best! I wanted to tone up even more after months of doing my workout DVDs and lose that last five pounds I had been dying to shift! Khloe and I found a solution with Quick Trim.

Using Quick Trim helped boost my metabolism and jump start my weight loss. The QuickTrim 14 day system comes with a complete diet and exercise program as well as recipes. These products are great for an instant results, but combining them with a great workout regime and diet plan can give you amazing longer lasting results.

Quick Trim also have a 48 Hour Super Diet Detox, which removes toxic build ups to help you feel healthier, more slender and rejuvenated in just 48 hours! Detoxing your body of all toxins is the best first step to take if you plan on changing your workout regime and diet, because you can totally cleanse yourself and start afresh. Make sure you cleanse and detox and then flush it out! You need to get rid of all the toxins! But maybe my favorite product… the Celuslim! You all know I’ve had my issues with cellulite in the past, so this one caught my eye. It attacks cellulite by breaking down excess fat stored in the cells.

I wanted to show you guys some before and after pics so you can see the
difference that working out, eating healthily and using Quick Trim has
made. I’ve never been one for quick fixes, and I know now that losing
weight, getting toned, and staying that way is completely changing your
lifestyle. Ever since I began working out and created my Fit in Your
Jeans by Friday DVDs
I’ve been inspired to keep it up! It’s definitely a lifestyle change, but when there are products available like Quick Trim, it’s so much easier to lose the extra pounds you’ve been dying to get rid of!