Kim Kardashian - Fans At Kanye West Concert

While I was in NYC for Kanye’s concert, I saw these girls on Instagram! Khloe then sent me a message saying to look at their signs and that they come to all of our appearances! They are so cute! I saw their signs in the audience and went into the crowd to say hi and I asked them to come sit with us, we had such a great time! Kanye then saw them at his next NYC concert and had them cover over to say hi! They are such sweet girls, @ilovekhloeko @kyliejennerj @kimkourtkhloek! Hope you had a great night! Xo


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  1. hobbit  |   Posted on Mar 7th

    they are not fans just stupid morons who look up to a nobody who does nothing but take selfies of her big butt and has a fake tv show…kimmy and her sisters are so homely without all of the makeup and hair extensions and lets not forget the ridiculous photoshop.

    • ElizabethLisa  |   Posted on Mar 9th

      Wow, why do you even bother signing up for Kim’s site if all your going to do is make horriable comments? you are A sad, poor, little hobbit aren’t you?

      • kimisplastic  |   Posted on Mar 10th

        fuk u

        • hobbit  |   Posted on Mar 10th

          thank u kimisplastic…took the words from my mouth…and to add to this, that is exactly why i signed up is to knock this piece of fake krap off her pedistal. oh and btw….mind your business. don;t address someone who is not addressing you, LOSER

  2. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Mar 7th

    How Sweet!!! Wish that would have happened to me at KW’s concert here in Miami!!! I know one day, I will have the pleasure of meeting you guys in person and at least being able to take a picture!!!

  3. farzeen2  |   Posted on Mar 7th

    Aww this is so sweet.

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