Kim Kardashian - Vienna
I’m sure you guys have heard about my trip! Here’s some snaps I took from the Vienna Ball. What an amazing sight watching the ballroom dancers! We were filming it for Keeping Up with the Kardashians… can’t wait for u guys to see! Xo


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  1. farzeen2  |   Posted on Mar 5th

    This is beautiful but I wanted to tell you how sorry I am that you were treated so badly there I truly feel for you. Luv you..

    • kayla.kors  |   Posted on Mar 5th

      That look amazing!!! <3

    • toofake  |   Posted on Mar 6th

      boo freaking hoo.. that is what the hobbit gets for selling herself….she should go back to just giving it up for free…it’s worked for her so far up until now

    • hobbit  |   Posted on Mar 7th

      treated badly, please…..this no talent nobody doesn’t even deserve to be invited to events like this but she was….she is the one that bailed because they weren’t kissing her fat a s s….she was a high paid escort and got a half of million for being the rude biatch that she is….get a clue and get your head out of kimbos a s s

  2. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Mar 5th

    This a fairy-tale come to life!!!

  3. ashleyforreal  |   Posted on Mar 5th

    Wasn’t this the 70 year old guy who paid you 500K to be his date?

    Come on Kim, you’re better than that – stop selling yourself for money!

  4. toofake  |   Posted on Mar 6th

    amazing is the only word you know to describe everything. why don’t you expand your vocabulary instead of expanding your fat injected booty

  5. hotwasabi21  |   Posted on Mar 6th

    wtf? Didn’t you get insulted and storm out of this ball you attended as a high paid escort? Now, it’s a amazing?! You’re ridiculous and a liar – too bad your fans don’t see you for what you are!

    • Kimberly_N_K  |   Posted on Mar 6th

      …did you see that my “date” sat next to the young blonde and made me sit next to the edge of the box??? So rude! First no one better looking and with a much better body should be photographed next to me (makes me look bad). Second, why was I not the only one with my date? Third, I had to get ready so early because more important people (like the President of Austria) were allowed on the red carpet but people like me had to be inside already or walk up a bunch of stairs through a different entrance. Fourth, wtf no paps allowed to take photos outside (I brought my favorite pas with me (who use all the filters & photosho I need)).

      • kimisplastic  |   Posted on Mar 7th

        yeah, but she made sure her fake camera crew was there for their fake reality show..she is more repulsive by the minute

  6. anacristina-xoxo  |   Posted on Mar 6th

    amazing ! i agree with Farzeen kim i cant beleive someone would say those things…some peopel have no respect . Just keep surrounding yourself with those who love you XO

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