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Contouring is one of the most important makeup techniques that I use when I have shoots or events to go to! I love the different ways you can shape any part of your face just by shading in the right places with different types of makeup! It’s a quick way to transform your look.

I recently reunited with an old friend and makeup artist Mario… it’s amazing how most of my diehard glam fans noticed it right away who did my makeup! Can you tell when Mario does my make up? I look like myself again. He was my make up artist for 5 years! We haven’t worked together in over a year but now we are reunited and some fans already spotted the difference!

Can you guys guess who did my fabulous makeup in these pictures above? Was it Mario Dedivanovic, Rokael, or Meredith Baraf? I did my own makeup in one of them too! I love that every make up artist has their own technique and completely shapes my face differently.


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  1. Kimberly_N_K  |   Posted on Feb 28th

    Oh who am I trying to kid? I don’t “contour” with makeup, I contour with plastic surgery – lots and lots of both invasive and non-invasive PS :)))

    • dkly  |   Posted on Feb 28th

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  2. farzeen2  |   Posted on Feb 28th

    I’m guessing Mario did ur makeup in the pics above luv it which one did u do ur self..? Wasn’t one of them for a shoot with Troy Jensen to with the pink lips xoxo I love Mario’s contouring he so talented

  3. bethanyross  |   Posted on Feb 28th

    The center picture that is long, you look nothing short of gorgeous! That one is definitely my favorite. My wedding is in June and I so wish that my makeup would make my chunky cheeks look like that!!!

    • roundtown  |   Posted on Feb 28th

      That’s NOT makeup honey. It’s cosmetic surgery!

      • kimisplastic  |   Posted on Mar 4th

        finally, someone with a set of eyes and a brain cuz the rest of these comments are just stupid people up kimbos ass

  4. miish  |   Posted on Mar 1st

    You looked your BEST in 2007-2008, I think that’s when Mario did your makeup? You had that middle eastern, natural beauty, ethnic look. And better eyebrows too! I think you look older with a contoured face.

    • kol  |   Posted on Mar 2nd

      Actually i agree she looked best in 2008. I think there was someone else doing her makeup then, Stephen? not sure. I think she met Mario in 09 but i thought her makeup was amazing that year too.

      • toofake  |   Posted on Mar 3rd

        it’s not the makeup that has changed, it’s called plenty of plastic facial procedures

        • miish  |   Posted on Mar 4th

          listen, you’d be amazed what you can do with makeup. highlighting and contouring creaties new dimensions to the face, it’s not plastic, it’s make-up (make-believe)

          • toofake  |   Posted on Mar 5th

            listen, you would be amazed if you google pics of this hobag from 2006 and 2007 to does not give you puffier cheeks or a smaller nose…all the makeup in the world can make you look better but it definitely does not change the shape and size of your features…get a clue

  5. fashionistaCT  |   Posted on Mar 1st

    so gorgeous kimmy xx

  6. kol  |   Posted on Mar 2nd

    I love Mario and Rob Scheppy too. Please stick with them! They know your face and make you look freaking amazing

    The two on the left someone different and i think i remember you mentioning the right pic you did yourself

    Middle one is Mario :)

    I tell everybody who says stupid BS about plastic surgery that it’s just the way you wear your makeup. People are so clueless at how much contouring affects someone’s face.

    • kimisplastic  |   Posted on Mar 4th

      you obviously have no idea the difference between makeup and plastic surgery….naive twit…duh

  7. kol  |   Posted on Mar 2nd

    I just guessed Rob did your makeup for your Oscar look before i wrote the above post and i’m pleasantly surprised to realize he did. You looked stunning at the Elton John party Kim!!

  8. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Mar 3rd

    Kim, I know nothing about makeup but you always look flawless.

  9. emma1429  |   Posted on Mar 6th

    It is hilarious how she drops all these insinuations like “I look like myself again” and “I love that every make up artist has their own technique and completely shapes my face differently” to suggest that its make up that has drastically changed her face and not plastic surgery. Sorry Kim we are not blind or brain dead, it is BEYOND obvious that you have had MANY procedures done to your face. Like others have said just Google pictures of her from 2006-2007, she looks like a completely different person. You are not fooling anyone!

  10. kayla.kors  |   Posted on Mar 4th

    Mario is amazing!!! I love his work, all your makeup artists are your makeup is always fabulous!!! <3

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