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I was out in NYC and saw this cute bag! I couldn’t decide which one I liked better so I decided to take pics and go home think about it. Which one is your favorite?



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  1. Kimberly_N_K  |   Posted on Feb 26th

    They would be cute for a little girl – not a grown woman!

    • kayla.kors  |   Posted on Feb 26th

      Not my style… but you pull anything and everything off lol!! xo

      • farzeen2  |   Posted on Feb 26th

        I like the one with grey trimming not the one with the black trimming xx

        • anacristina-xox  |   Posted on Feb 26th

          to be honest i dont like any lool but if i had to put the white and grey one

  2. toofake  |   Posted on Feb 26th

    neither, they’re both ugly……..please go far far away, stupid kunt

  3. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Feb 26th

    Super cute and different bags. Like both of them equally so get both.

  4. Lanu A Agusto  |   Posted on Feb 26th

    Personally, I would get the one on the left but I really like the one on the right and I feel like knowing you, you would be able to work a lot of outfits with that one so I think you should get that one. Plus I like that you’re tryna be prudent and not just getting both :)

  5. helenasbazaar  |   Posted on Feb 27th

    The bags are so cute. At first instance, I thought the bag with the grey trim would be more workable because of the white and you could wear this with a lot more but looking more closely at the pink one and it’s fabulous. If it were just pink and black, I would stay clear but the deep blue stripe in the middle creates such a strange but aesthetic collection of colour. Please choose the pink! I can’t wait to see how you wear it xx

  6. analovely  |   Posted on Feb 27th

    mm i like the one with white it seems classy , just saying but i really love both

  7. analovely  |   Posted on Feb 27th

    plus u look happier with the white ;)

  8. Beluu  |   Posted on Feb 27th

    I don’t like them very much, but if i had to choose it would definitely be the white one!

  9. Keepingupwith VanessaMoreno  |   Posted on Feb 27th

    Both purse are gorg and of course you pull anything but I prefer the white and grey for this look.

  10. stephjessM  |   Posted on Feb 27th

    thats ugly lol but the white one looks better

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