Kim Kardashian - NYC

Last week, catching a bday lunch with Jonathan in New York City. Loved my all-black everything look: bomber jacket, clutch, and boots. I also tried out some amazing makeup contouring that day. I’ll be sharing a beauty blog on it later this week!


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  1. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Feb 26th

    You look beautiful, love the outfit. So jealous of Jonathan, I would love to spend a day with you. I want to be your BFF.

  2. Kimberly_N_K  |   Posted on Feb 26th

    A too small baseball jacket – not a good look

  3. artificialass  |   Posted on Feb 27th

    frozen clown face with fillers

  4. tennaersi  |   Posted on Feb 26th

    You are pretty,love this outlook!!!

  5. tennaersi  |   Posted on Feb 26th

    Enjoy your good day in NYC kim!!!!love love you all the time !!!xoxo

  6. anacristina-xox  |   Posted on Feb 26th

    you look amazing XO love the outfit and your hair

  7. farzeen2  |   Posted on Feb 26th

    I love the clutch

  8. kayla.kors  |   Posted on Feb 28th

    Perfection!!! xo

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