Kourtney Kardashian - New York State Of Mind


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  1. Kimberly_N_K  |   Posted on Feb 25th

    I don’t shampoo. bathe or even scrape the makeup off my face when I travel … just spackle on another thick layer of makeup, try to comb the greasy weave, and throw on another hideous outfit

    • artificialass  |   Posted on Feb 26th

      she is looking so ridiculous even more lately and more like a frozen plastic mannequin…i just saw the previous tumblr pics on here and omg,. she looks nothing like that anymore. just seeing those pics compare to now, she should realize that she has completely ruined her face. i would be so depressed if i looked like that then and saw myself now

  2. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Feb 26th

    Beautiful coat!!!!

  3. Tara79  |   Posted on Feb 26th

    If you aren’t a fan, why waste your time being disrespectful and spiteful? I don’t get it. I log in here very so often when I see Facebook posts and the hurtful and untrue things posted about this poor girl are ridiculous and completely unwarranted. I suggest getting a hobby not hating. Have a productive day!

  4. tennaersi  |   Posted on Feb 25th

    You look so amazing kim!!!!hope you can do it well and keep up posting to us!!!! love yoou all the time!!!

  5. retekcvsc  |   Posted on Feb 25th

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  6. dkly  |   Posted on Feb 25th

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  7. anacristina-xox  |   Posted on Feb 25th

    loveeeee the coat

  8. farzeen2  |   Posted on Feb 25th


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