Kim Kardashian Makeup


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  1. mommyoffour  |   Posted on Feb 3rd

    Looking amazing as always! Have a great day:)

    • anacristina-xoxo  |   Posted on Feb 3rd

      the brunette beauty queen is back LOVE IT XO gorgeous doll

      • kayla.kors  |   Posted on Feb 3rd

        My hair looks like yours right now… my hairs getting so light cause I’m not colouring it anymore… I love the light ends!!! xo

        • dkly  |   Posted on Feb 3rd

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          • kaly234  |   Posted on Feb 5th

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    • eemma2345  |   Posted on Feb 3rd

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    • underwoodn75  |   Posted on Feb 4th

      I love the dark hair better! Keep it just like that!! I love that pic by the way.

  2. TooGoodToYou  |   Posted on Feb 3rd

    Hey Kim, you’re just fine. You look good. Embrace motherhood. Little ones don’t stay little for long, so enjoy North as much as you can now for long term benefits. Take care. I look forward to seeing what’s hot for SS14 – colours and styles mainly! Thanks for sharing. oxox

    • eemma2345  |   Posted on Feb 3rd

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  3. kimisplastic  |   Posted on Feb 3rd

    oh gee, another selfie…never seen that before, now go do something actually worth while like taking care of your daughter..

  4. YOUR RANDO LOVER  |   Posted on Feb 3rd

    Believe in GOD Kim. You know who I am. Take the book that belongs to you and read. I gave the book to a woman named JACKLYN AT HIDDEN HILLS about 3. Months ago. Your step father saw me, I spoke to him to give you the book that was made for you.
    Don’t say, “GOOD NIGHT”. OR. ” GOOD MORNING “. ANYMORE LOL. I am with you forever (: I LOVE YOU

  5. farzeen2  |   Posted on Feb 3rd

    Yay love the brown Perfect don’t change it even tho u did rock the blonde

  6. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Feb 3rd

    Love the dark hair!! This is the Kim K. I know and love!! Love you as a blonde but the dark hair is my favorite.

  7. queenzd  |   Posted on Feb 4th


  8. Zachary Hladik  |   Posted on Feb 4th

    GORGEOUS either way but i LOVED the blonde, please bring back the blonde Kim it was FABULOUS!!!!!

  9. TabyRobi  |   Posted on Feb 4th

    Hey Kim..personally i think you look so much better with dark hair than the light ones..u shud stay that way

  10. Nicole Bracy  |   Posted on Feb 4th

    Beautiful. Love the layers. Complex, refined, wild and free. The kind of look you can have driving down Interstate 1 in a convertible blasting your music and not feel like you’ve compromised. Not talking at Canada. Oh Lord!

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