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Today’s Tumblr Tuesday shout out goes to Coco for her fab Tumblr blog, Kardashian/Jenner Overdose! I absolutely love the pictures you used in your blog and appreciate your support all the way from Hungary!

I’m excited to give more of your blogs a shout out so make sure you leave your Tumblr names in the comments so I can check them out! One of my favorite things to do is to look at all of your blogs and see what pictures and memories you chose to highlight. Your support and love means the world to me! Xo


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  1. anacristina-xoxo  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2013

    congratz !! Kim you are so stunning in all of these pictures ! we love you very much, here is mine and Farzeens tumblr if you want to check it out again :)

  2. sophie95  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2013

    I AM SO GUTTED THAT YOU DIDNT CHOOSE ME :( but here is mine maybe for next week

  3. sophie95  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2013 NEXT WEEK CHOOSE ME PLEASE

  4. cassieloveskim  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2013

    Hi Kim, my name is Cassie. Please check out my blog ♡ ♡ ♡

  5. cocokimy  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2013

    OMG, i really can’t believe this! I’m so happy and grateful! You’re the best! I love you so much!! ♥♥ & I’ll always support you and your family! ;-)

  6. aleks  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2013

    KIMMY CAN WE HAVE TWITTER THURSDAY !!!! For Some of your Twitter Fans Who Don’t have Tumblr ? What Do you think? Check Me out @YourKardashNews I would like to be recognized but I dont have tumblr :( xoxo!! ♥♥

  7. franlovekim1  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2013

    Kimmie!!! Can I please be your next #tumblrtuesday ? I have been trying so hard!! !! I LOVE you’! I hope you like my blog! All the way supporting you from Venezuela- Francheska 

  8. franlovekim1  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2013

    Http:// xoxo  love you so freaking much

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