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Keeping a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me and now it’s even more important because I am looking out for someone else’s well being other than just my own. I’ve been researching recipes and healthy eating tricks to make sure that I get the right nutrition now that I’m eating for two! For me it’s about maintaining a well-balanced eating and fitness plan. My friend Harley Pasternak sent me this book and I am so excited to read it! The Body Reset Diet will give you the tools you need to restart the way you are eating and boost your metabolism. I love his recipes and I know you guys will too! Xo


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  1. anacristina-xoxo  |   Posted on Mar 11th, 2013

    i will deffinatly be checking out some of these recipes ! Its wonderful that you are staying healthy ! xoxox love you kim keep smiling

  2. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Mar 11th, 2013

    Kim, thanks for sharing. I am definitely going to check out this book of recipes. I am trying to stay fit and healthy.

  3. melanie242  |   Posted on Mar 11th, 2013

    Thanks for the tip. Hope everything is good

  4. 7sasha1  |   Posted on Mar 11th, 2013

    Thanks for the tips, I love finding new healthy recipes. I’ve gone off track the past few months but I’ll look into this book.

  5. fatimma  |   Posted on Mar 11th, 2013

    Most DEFINITELY going to check out this book! I’m on Week 2 of my fitness spree and I”ve given up ALL coffee & most carbs!
    I’ve been drinking Aloe vera & Cactus tea twice a day with half a freshly squeezed into the cup. Added lots of green veggies to my fridge, and munch on grape tomatoes and mixed nuts whenever I need to snack! This is helping me greatly, BUT I think Harley’s book might be the missing puzzle piece for me. I totally need to reset my body’s metabolism!! Love & hugs to you and your adorable baby bump!! Baby glitter & sparkles to you, Kiki! XOXO!

  6. fatimma  |   Posted on Mar 11th, 2013

    *Half a freshly squeezed lemon*

    • joebrown  |   Posted on Mar 11th, 2013

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  7. kelsim23  |   Posted on Mar 11th, 2013

    love to see that you staying healthy kim! you are going to be an amazing mum! xoxo

    • Sharon Bell Miller  |   Posted on Mar 13th, 2013

      You look amazing, and this darling baby will be, too! I wear your wonderful clothing line thru Sears, maybe you will create maternity and baby things as well! Much love and support to you and your family! xoxo

  8. Akhi Trillogy  |   Posted on Mar 11th, 2013 yea just summin new cant touch disssss

  9. constancelavett  |   Posted on Mar 11th, 2013

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  10. farzeen2  |   Posted on Mar 11th, 2013

    stay healthy!! x

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