Kim Kardashian - Dinner with Lala, Rachel Roy and Angie Martinez

Lala, Rachel Roy, Angie Martinez and I all went out for dinner! The girls really needed a major catch up time!

I’m wearing a Stella McCartney blazer, Kardashian Kollection t-shirt and J Brand jeans.


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    • kayla.kors  |   Posted on Mar 6th, 2013

      gorgeous!!! Love the outfits! xo

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    • sophie95  |   Posted on Mar 7th, 2013

      i am in love with your blazer!!

  2. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Mar 6th, 2013

    Kim, you look great as always. That outfit is hitting all the right notes. Everyone needs time to catch up with friends.

  3. farzeen02  |   Posted on Mar 6th, 2013

    Morning Kim!
    You all look cute. i love the outfits you all wear and my fav about you is looking at the different purses you carry. Purses are my obsession. omg. i love them and seeing your different ones is always great for new ideas.

    p.s its great seeing you with your friends. you have great friends that are always there for you and have your back. you seem like that type of friend to. xo

  4. mmgerling  |   Posted on Mar 6th, 2013

    Dear Kim,

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  5. kelsim23  |   Posted on Mar 6th, 2013

    It’s always nice to catch up with friends! :) love all you outfits you wear, you can pull of anything, love ya, have a good day Kim! xo

  6. melanie242  |   Posted on Mar 6th, 2013

    I ADORE this outfit. Seriously. You look like you had a great time! :)

  7. anacristina-xoxo  |   Posted on Mar 6th, 2013

    hey doll, you look absolutely stunning as uaualy, it is so nice to see you going out with friends catching up and having a great time ! i hope you are having a wonderful day xoxo keep smiling beautiful

  8. nomobullies  |   Posted on Mar 6th, 2013

    Farty looks like a plastic doll already…hahaha..this bi1tch really thinks looking plastic is cute…and just like her H0 idol would deny she had anything ironic n amusing to watch this trainwrack

  9. 7sasha1  |   Posted on Mar 6th, 2013

    You both look great, I love this look on you XOXO

  10. kimkardashianlovey  |   Posted on Mar 6th, 2013

    Yes, girlfriends are always need some time spending together :) a lot to talk :) love u Kim :)

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