Kim Kardashian - Transformed into Tahitian Princess by Bruce Weber for Dujour Magazine

So excited about my Bruce Weber story in!


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  1. kayla.kors  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

    OMG!!! GORGEOUS Kim!!! These are stunning photos of you. Love the style of this photoshoot!!! <3 PERFECTION!!! Love you Kimmie!!! xo

    • babydoll7  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

      Absolute natural beauty!

      • niki23  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

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    • sophie95  |   Posted on Feb 20th, 2013


  2. farzeen02  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

    omg omg omg omg omg!!!! THIS IS MY FAV SHOOT OF YOURS!!! you are so beautiful.. wow!!

    • farzeen02  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

      i like the Elizabeth Taylor pics and yours you do look a lot like her and also the one of you and the drums!! wow.. i went to the website.

      • alessandraaa  |   Posted on Feb 20th, 2013

        LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! So flawless Kimmie, you are a natural beautiful woman. Love you!!!!! Xoooox

  3. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

    Gorgeous indeed!!!!!

  4. everlast81  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

    In this interview it says: “And she revealed that she has started turning down fans who ask to take a photograph with her. ‘I just tell them, sorry, but my boyfriend won’t let me’. Your fans made you who you are, so you should probably think twice about that one.

    • jamie22  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

      She said she was being more selective like when she’s at dinner (i get that) or with her BF which i kinda get since her BF gets annoyed with the fans/attention, but the airport thing i dont really get unless you’re exhausted. She can be still nice & not take pics so its not a huge deal but one of things people love about you Kim is that you’re not stuck up like all these other celebs who think they are too good to interact with fans or stop for pics so it would be sad to see you go down that road. And to say my BF wont let me is cringeworthy even if its true. You’re entitled to your privacy for sure but to randomly turn down pics for no reason makes no sense especially since you look more than happy to take them in the fans pics i see so it doesnt even seem like your style to do

      • jamie22  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

        to begin with

        • farzeen02  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

          i don’t think Kim mean’t it in a bad way i think she mean’t that sometimes she’d just like to be left alone if she’s with her boyfriend or family and just wants that quite time. She deserves to have that respect from people.

    • melanie242  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

      I think what she meant was that she was learning not to be “on” all the time & have a private life but some things just shouldn’t be said regardless. The wording was not good. Fans are important especially in what you do so i hope you dont take it to an extreme

  5. melanie242  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

    You look gorgeous in that pool shot & the one standing up, so pretty :)

  6. kiah  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

    wow u really do look like a true princess omg ur sooo beautiful itz unbelievable i luv u loads kim xo(12)

  7. anacristina-xoxo  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

    kim you look so gorgeous ! these photos are absolutely stunning doll ! xoxoxo lots of love

  8. livinghealthy31  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

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  9. canadianchic  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

    your boobs look disgusting!

  10. mariap  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

    Love this natural but beautiful look!

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