Kim Kardashian - At Jimmy Kimmel Live with Kourtney

Did you watch Kourt and me on Jimmy Kimmel last night!? I’ll try to find a clip to post in case you missed it. Always nice to see Jimmy!

Style Snapshot: Dress by Lover, Kardashian Kollection slip under, Yves Saint laurent heels, H Stern rings


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  1. kayla.kors  |   Posted on Jan 30th, 2013

    GORGEOUS!!! I loved seeing you on tv last night!!! You look flawless and I love what you wore. Most beautiful pregnant woman ever!!! xo

    • narrer45645  |   Posted on Feb 1st, 2013

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  2. anacristina-xox  |   Posted on Jan 30th, 2013

    you and kourtney looked so beautiful last night on jimmey kimmel, i really enjoyed watching you dolls ! ps the little surprise baby shower that jimmey kimmel threw you was really cute haha love you doll xox ps loved your outfit !

  3. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Jan 30th, 2013

    Kim, I really enjoyed you and Kourtney on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Love your entire look especially those H Stern rings.

  4. 7sasha1  |   Posted on Jan 30th, 2013

    I watched, you look beautiful. Love the look from head to toe.

  5. jshannah14  |   Posted on Jan 30th, 2013

    Your so beautiful Kim!! I love you style (:

  6. kelsim23  |   Posted on Jan 30th, 2013

    Seen your facebook status about people bulling on your blog, so glad you have done something about it, i hate it when people say negative things about you, especially when half of it isn’t true! you are an amazing role model for me and lots of other kardashian fans! you look gorgeous btw xoxo

  7. naki  |   Posted on Jan 30th, 2013

    Sensational…u ve such beautiful skin too!

  8. Charity Caja Callisty  |   Posted on Jan 31st, 2013

    Cute dress !

  9. Christy Sincere  |   Posted on Jan 31st, 2013

    hay bea

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