Don’t miss a brand new episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami tonight at 9/8c on E! In tonight’s episode I decide to try a unique treatment for my psoriasis…. Kourt’s breast milk, lol! I read online somewhere that breast milk could help treat the dry, red patches that result from my psoriasis, so I thought I’d at least try it out. Watch the clip to see what happens and tune in tonight for the full episode. Xo


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  1. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Jan 27th, 2013

    i have to see this episode omg. you are too funny kim. but if it really helped than i don’t blame you for trying it. lol!!!

    • alessandraaa  |   Posted on Jan 27th, 2013

      Farzeen!!! Hi my baby! I hope you had a good weekend! I can’t wait to see the new episode tonight!!!!!! Yayyyyy!!! I wish we all lived close together, we could all make it a Sunday ritual lmao that would be amazing :) talk to you soon

      • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Jan 27th, 2013

        hey you!!! that would be great if we all lived closer and could do that. but i marked down my calendar for the movie date!xx

  2. KeepingUP  |   Posted on Jan 27th, 2013

    That is too funny! I’ll definitely be watching, so glad this season is one hour episodes!
    I’m sure everyone else is as well ! Even those who claim not to watch, awww haaa!
    Have a wonderful & blessed day Kim, and Take Care of yourself!

    • bible23  |   Posted on Jan 27th, 2013

      YES! YES! YES! I was bullied within three minutes after my first comment on this site! I didn’t appreciare it either as I am allowed to post my own opinion even if it differs from others! Darn bullies

  3. anacristina-xox  |   Posted on Jan 27th, 2013

    so excited to watch tonight xoxox

  4. bible23  |   Posted on Jan 27th, 2013

    Someone needs to take out the garbage! It’s starting to draw in the flies!

  5. silviasousa  |   Posted on Jan 27th, 2013

    Helloooo Kimberly! OMG really!!! Uffff Psoriasis is a skin disease very boring and a super kid turns worse. My patients suffering immensely, especially when it affects the scalp. Dirty clothes them, and the worst seems dandruff go very badly. I really saw your pictures and noticed something in your legs, and thought I must warn Kimberly, the better for sensitive and dry skin is good hydration. And it is! You must do it at least twice a day, morning and evening. I recommend Nivea, or other fat cream you to meet us there USA. You’re an inspiration to me. When I’m tired or sad I see your pictures that convey immense confidence to face life. Those who criticize you are just jealous. LoVe YoU kisses kisses Besitos wapa

    • vivify  |   Posted on Jan 28th, 2013

      Hey Silviasousa.
      i just wrote to Kim about her condition and i just finish reading your post about your patients suffering. Well here is a you tube video that will cure the problems that your patients have and what Kim has . I hope you watch it all. It is the cure to your patiens. Enjoy and i really hope it helps.

  6. kayla.kors  |   Posted on Jan 27th, 2013

    Ahhh I cant wait for tonights episode!!! Love you Kimmie!!! xo

  7. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Jan 27th, 2013

    Happy Sunday Everyone. Can’t wait to watch this week’s episode. Looks like it’s gonna be a good one. Sooo Excited!!!!! xoxo

  8. bible23  |   Posted on Jan 27th, 2013

    Me too!

  9. bible23  |   Posted on Jan 27th, 2013


  10. dee dee7  |   Posted on Jan 27th, 2013

    Kim – This is my first time leaving a comment. I just felt I had to since your situation with Psoriasis hits so close to home. I’ve had it for so many years with so many dermatologists providing different medications. The most recent one has worked miracles. My scabs and red flair ups are minimal (seriously like one or two). I will be happy to share the name of the medication with you.

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