Kim Kardashian - Taking a Fashion Risk in YSL Menswear Look Styled by Rushka Bergman
I was styled by Rushka Bergman here. We went for an all YSL mensware look with some graphic givenchy boots! This was a risk for sure, but I loved taking it! So chic!

It’s funny, you can really see a different between east coast style and west coast style. When I was tweeting live from east coast they loved the fashion!!! But when it got to the west coast they didn’t like it so much! Well… I liked it and that’s all that matters!

Take risks people! Have some fun with fashion! Xo


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  1. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2013

    this is so classy nice look! like the slick back hair to.

    • anacristina-xo  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2013

      agreeed ! love it

      • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2013

        kim don’t worry if the people didn’t like your outfits. i thought they are cool i have always liked that you wear blazers and added that into my wardrobe cuz of u

  2. kayla.kors  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2013

    You look AMAZING, so obsessed with this look!!!
    Love you Kimmie!!! xo

  3. mary-anne_  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2013

    Doll, I love fashion risks!!! And you look great as always! I agree, the fashion on the East is different then the West:) On the West coast is more relaxed!!Love ya!! Have a great day, Doll!!

  4. melanie242  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2013

    i loved everything except the hair. That style only works depending on the outfit. It took all the femininity out of the look. You did the menswear look fantastic awhile ago with red lips & your hair up kinda curled at I forget what movie premiere with Lamar & Khloe. And no offense but those shoes were awful. Its fun to try new things though & really at the end of the day it only matters what you like. I just miss the color & fun in your style. It doesnt have to be monochromatic, high fashion all the time.

  5. melanie242  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2013

    And on a unrelated note you need to start BLOCKING people!

  6. kimksuperstar  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2013

    Why my comment don’t show up

  7. kimksuperstar  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2013

    wow i need to right my comment on word before to put here … interesting !

  8. kimksuperstar  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2013

    I say in my comment .. that i think you don’t accept your new figure and this kit for the Late Show was a bad choice and when it’s happen you say : “Let’go Girl Try’ … Just put a clothes than you fit ON (No more size 4) … And accept the beautiful miracle …

  9. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2013

    Kim, love this classic take on meanswear. I am loving seeing you take risk with your fashion maybe it’s something I should consider in the future.

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