Kim Kardashian - Throwback Thursday Vacation in the Bahamas Bikini

This pic is from a family vacation we took to the Bahamas back in 2007, I think it was! Scott, Kourt and I went to the aquarium for the day. You can’t see in the pic, but there are sharks in that big tank behind me. I love looking back at our old vacation pics! Xo


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  1. alessandraaa  |   Posted on Jan 10th, 2013

    LOL I bet this vacation was probably so fun! I’m planning to go to the Bahamas in the summer, or at least somewhere hot and tropical! I’m in dire need for a vacation away from my long hours/hard work at school. XO

  2. melanie242  |   Posted on Jan 10th, 2013

    LMAO at your face. i said this on the other post but youre probably more likely to see it here before the trolls come. You really need to start BLOCKING people. They are ridiculous

    • melanie242  |   Posted on Jan 10th, 2013

      seriously though this blog is for your FANS & nobody wants to have to scroll through the obviously over weight ugly bitter women that seem extremely mad at life so if theres any way to get rid of them that would be great

    • iduwagboe  |   Posted on Jan 11th, 2013

      Guess u talking about urself… lol

  3. melanie242  |   Posted on Jan 10th, 2013

    LOl you idiot. She doesnt even look like that now. Re evaluate your life for real because you obviously are a miserable pathetic b****

  4. kimksuperstar  |   Posted on Jan 10th, 2013

    A exemple of the kind of post i didn’t like … Bikini top and Boobs … I don’t see the point ! Maybe it’s for the masculine community on your website ….

  5. 7sasha1  |   Posted on Jan 10th, 2013

    Cute Pic. You are always beautiful Kim xo

  6. anacristina-xo  |   Posted on Jan 10th, 2013

    hahaha love this picture ! taking underwater pictures are so fun ! Im actually going to the bahamas in may ! its one of the stops our cruise is going to :) ps love your cheetah bikini !

  7. kayla.kors  |   Posted on Jan 10th, 2013

    Ouu lovin the tan!!! Im so pail right now I hate it.. I hate winter lol!!!
    I never knew you use to have your belly button pierced =O lol… either way looking flawess doll!!! Love you Kimmie!!! xo

  8. Chris Hansen  |   Posted on Jan 10th, 2013

    i like 206 photo best! more natural

  9. Harlina Vargas  |   Posted on Jan 10th, 2013

    still looking cute “Kim”" and for the people talking bad about her or other people they should check themselves,, is not nice to be mouthing someone like that or anybody in general ….plus if we have the money that she got,, of course we’re going to do some changes in our appearance if we wanted to and she did.. so stop the “hating

  10. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Jan 10th, 2013

    hi kim! this pic is in your Kardashian Konfidential! i love that book. i love the bikini. you were always so gorgeous!!

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