I want to own up to and explain that earlier today I sent out two tweets about saying prayers for the people in Palestine and Israel and after hearing from my followers, I decided to take down the tweets because I realized that some people were offended and hurt by what I said, and for that I apologize. I should have pointed out my intentions behind these tweets when I posted them. The fact is that regardless of religion and political beliefs, there are countless innocent people involved who didnt choose this, and I pray for all of them and also for a resolution. I also pray for all the other people around the world who are caught in similar crossfires.


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  1. melanie242  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    Love you Kim & i know exactly what you meant. But i agree you might just want to stay away from this stuff on twitter. People are always going to twist words & judge

  2. hollyberry21  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    Well said Kim!! Even though I don’t feel that you should have to apologize for this, you have such a huge heart!! <3 you very much

  3. bigmaqb  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    Oh Princess Kim, God’s Prayers are for blessings, mercy and his grace; I know that is what your dear heart meant for all humanity without boundaries or restrictions. I see you as angelic with sweet caring qualties.

  4. 7sasha1  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    it’s unfortunate that there are so many angry and hateful people out there, it’s obvious you meant no arm and had good intentions with your tweet.

  5. Dana Yeatts  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    this whole world needs prayers right now….not just one country. in all defense, the bible says that israel is God’s country. so regardless, as christians, we should always pray for God’s country. i wish war could end everywhere……but it’s a fact of life that it won’t. there’s no wrong in making it known that you are praying for people. no shame in it….stand proud and strong i your faith and be a leader of God. prayers are prayers…..they could help anyone. and we all need prayers…..

  6. May Zamouri  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    Your tweets was not against anything but this topic is always sensitiv.. and will always be.. and you are right so much innocents people are involved in this horrible situation
    Prayer for them ! And thank you for just caring to post this message because it shows so much that you care about your fans about not hurting people !!
    you’re so cute lol take care <3

  7. Nath Adrian de Sandoval  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    That’s sad, I’m gonna prayer too

  8. Mauricio Zuniga  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    Praying for everyone in Israel

  9. Donna Chagal  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    Dear Kim,
    Perhaps you should check your map again to find out that there is NO state named Palestine (and never have been).
    If you were brave enough to post a kind and supportive message to the Israeli people, this recent post just took all that credit away from you.
    the IDF is attacking terrorist cells in Gaza while the Hamas is intentionally attacking civilians by launching hundreds of rockets into Israel’s territory everyday, and btw, this has been the case for over 8 years!!!!
    Please do your homework before posting anything about a non existing country whose people are lead by a terrorist group calling for the destruction of every Jewish person on earth.
    The Palestinians chose Hamas through a democratic procedure, so all responsibility for their criminal actions lie on them.

    • Shirley Doitch Horn  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

      AND don’t forget these people are terrorists, they hate Americans too! They hate DEMOCRACY! they are TERRORISTS!!!!!!!! You basically retracted your statment of wishing inocent people safety and peace and then put up a statement wishing for the safety of terrorists too. this is not a war, this is a terrorist attack that Israel is defending itself from!!!!! This is your chance to stand up for what is right in the world and use your platform for more than just making more money, don’t take it back! Just because the death threats are louder than the millions of people’s respect you just gained doesn’t mean you are wrong! you should have the attitude of “if supporting peace and democracy and israel is wrong, then I don’t want to be right”! who are you trying to impress? who are you trying to not offend? terrorists? fans that would give you DEATH THREATS?????? c’monnnn! you think they are fans of Christians or Armenians? They don’t even like each other… its not rational… it’s TERRORISM!!

      • frozenheart2012  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

        Ok, calm down up there. You’re implying that ALL those people are terrorists, hate democracy and Americans. That’s a harsh and untrue.

        Come back and make a more sane, educational, and smart argument. Not all of them are terrorists nor do they all HATE Americans. But then, I’m at the KimK website. I need to go to Kourt or Khloes site for a smarter and sane argument.

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