I want to own up to and explain that earlier today I sent out two tweets about saying prayers for the people in Palestine and Israel and after hearing from my followers, I decided to take down the tweets because I realized that some people were offended and hurt by what I said, and for that I apologize. I should have pointed out my intentions behind these tweets when I posted them. The fact is that regardless of religion and political beliefs, there are countless innocent people involved who didnt choose this, and I pray for all of them and also for a resolution. I also pray for all the other people around the world who are caught in similar crossfires.


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  1. Laila Khaldi  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    Palestinian are the victim of the sionist attack

    • שיר גוטליב  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

      Listen Laila,in the last 11 years innocent people in Israel are under attack by the
      Hamas. Israel have every right to defend herself.
      The Hamas on the other hand have no right to make our lifes in to a living hell.
      Imagine that 9/10 will happen almost every day for 11 years and when you tring to stop it the whole world call you murderer.
      So the next time you want to be Anti-Semitic thimk about the people that have to live in a war in the past 11 years.

      • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

        Kim i think you are so right. no matter what kind of war is going on anywhere lives are being taken from innocent people who want no part of it. it doesn’t matter what race, religion, or gender a person it but there is nothing wrong with wanting all people to have peace and calm in their lives. no innocent person needs to suffer for the actions of other people who do not value life.

        • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

          i am so sorry that you are constantly being asked to explain yourself. its not right and you don’t need to do that. But its so kind of you to do so.

      • Samar El-Alami  |   Posted on Nov 17th, 2012

        First off, “When Israelis in the occupied territories now claim that they have to defend themselves, they are defending themselves in the sense that any military occupier has to defend itself against the population they are crushing… You can’t defend yourself when you’re militarily occupying someone else’s land. That’s not defense. Call it what you like, it’s not defence.”
        moreover, you think 11 years is a living hell try 56 years !!!!
        you think couple of days is living hell try with or without war living hell. When there is no war in Gaza strip there is either no water or no electricity and if not that they could barely leave the place and people who arent in Gaza but from Gaza have hard time to go see their family.
        and YOU are complaining while you know you have “BOMB SHELTER” try not having a shelter to start with and on top of that knowing that know one can protect you but god so you pray and you hope everyone around you is praying so if KIM KARDASHIAN does not want to pray for palestinian people im sure there are MILLIONS of other people in this world with the right state of mind praying for them
        ask yourself another question can you really compare what hamas is throwing at isreal and what isreal is throwing at Palestinians can you even compare the the number of people dying in Gaza with the people dying in isreal and or the people that are injured ? maybe this will help you to think twice even three times when you speak to a palestinian again because if i were you i would be ashamed

        • Vany Marie  |   Posted on Nov 19th, 2012

          Yes. Precisely. One Day Israel’s treatment of Palestinians will have a place in the Holocaust Museum

        • 1fitmommy1106  |   Posted on Nov 19th, 2012

          Sorry your not a Christian but in OUR bible the jews are Gods chosen people, no need to defend what is written

          • rexroots  |   Posted on Nov 26th, 2012

            I am a christian and my God does not discriminate if you are Palestinian or jewish. Your God is a racist God who has preferences of who he likes more. 1fitmommy1106, you are the most ignorant, stupid person that believes that the jews are chosen by God.
            Use your peanut size brain and think. Btw, If I were to write the bible like the jews did, I would write that the Americans are the chosen people.
            Or If I were of any other nationality who wrote the bible, I would definitely write that my people are the chosen ones.
            The Israelis are doing exactly what Hitler did to them.

      • Manar Al-Harbi  |   Posted on Nov 17th, 2012

        whatttt??? are you insane? Israel STOLE the land. what rights are you talking about?

      • gunny  |   Posted on Nov 19th, 2012

        loool you are so funny!!!!!!! since 1956 palestinian are poor and whithout food and electricity soo please stop your lies! i pray for israel people and palestinian and i m muslim!! a lot of jewish people will love to live avec palestinian!! because they don’t hate muslim or palestine but they hate the war!!!!!! and politician made the war not palestinian or jewishh!
        Israel people don’t mean to be Sionist!!!

    • Laila learn how to spell zionist* before you go ahead and try and use it in a sentence. just goes to show how uneducated you are on the topic.

      • Samar El-Alami  |   Posted on Nov 17th, 2012

        Before acting all smart maybe you should have thought about something called a “typo” ;) ohh well but your excused since its clear of how ignorant you are

    • papuhleandocka1  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

      I guarantee that if Canada or mexico started shooting rockets in america you would support obama retaliating. there is no such thing as Palestinians. Palestine was the name given by the romans who invaded israel and cast out the jews..Arabs never ruled that land as a nation. These “palestinians” are all decendants of illegal arab immigrants that came from jordan, iran, saudi arabia because they wanted to be part of the re-building process of israel that the jews were going to be assisted by the british before the holocaust happened. When Israel became a nation in 1948 the jews told the arabs that they could stay in israel but the arabs assumed that egypt would overcome them and decided to leave( other nations start war with israel),Well Israel won the war. Once again the jews told them they could stay but the arabs left to other arab countries that placed them into refugee camps instead of absorbing them into society….This whole “Palestinian” deal is a pawn used by terrorist. but yea.
      For people who treat israel..
      Gensis 12:3, “And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse”

      • amandagrace5  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

        seriously? there’s no such thing as palestinians because they no longer have their land? so there’s also no such thing as armenians right? i’m sure kim would love that

        • sara.qasem  |   Posted on Nov 17th, 2012


        • kaka123  |   Posted on Nov 17th, 2012

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        • rexroots  |   Posted on Nov 26th, 2012

          well, then there is no such a thing as Native Americans because they no longer have their land. And no Kim wouldn’t like that because she is much smarter than you.

      • Shirley Doitch Horn  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

        thank you papuhleandocka1 for actually bringing some facts and intelligence into this platform! ignorance and hate from others cloud the minds of people that don’t really understand or know about the issue. Israel is a democracy/state and hamas is a terrorist organization terrorizing Israel… there’s nothing to understand but that… support peace, support Israel!

      • Kevin F. Casey  |   Posted on Nov 18th, 2012

        Fir 302 years Native Americans faced their own “Ethnic Cleansing” or Holocaust. Now your ignorant view of history is vast it seams as the land was NOT originally Israel… What is now Israel originally belonged to the Philistines, Canaanites, & five other groups so the “Illegal land grabbers” were the Jewish people.

        • Ларушка Силберт  |   Posted on Nov 19th, 2012

          kevin, so are you planning to give America back to the Native Americans anytime soon?
          if they set your house on fire or something like that, would you be complaining?
          israel gave back Gaza and the West Bank, maybe give back a couple of states?

          it’s 2012, not 1948. israel has as much right to exist as your country does, or australia, new zealand, canada, etc.; most countries have a lot of blood on their hands. “your grandfather stole my grandfather’s house, so now i’m going to throw rockets at yours” is not a valid argument.

          both Israel and Hamas are acting like violent twits but at least Israel is accepting of a two-state solution; Hamas charter calls for the extermination of the Jews.

          nonetheless, instead of another 70-odd years with both countries acting like jerks, they should both work on peace instead of perpetuating a stupid cycle of violence and blame. however, you can’t make peace with someone who wants you all dead.

          • Sumayita Emter K  |   Posted on Nov 20th, 2012

            whats wrong is our land we have all the right to take it back yeah IAM A PALESTINIAN GIRL, who cares INSHALLAH 2050 is staying our land
            i gonna give u an example if they take ur mom what u gonna do stand there watching what they are doing or fight to have ur mom back?? soo is the same thing they take our mom (PALESTINE) so we are fighting to have her back our country is so important for us is like our dignity we cant lose it PALESTINE WILL BE FREE INSHALLAH!!!!!!!!

          • rexroots  |   Posted on Nov 26th, 2012

            You say that because you are sitting secure in your little nest. Let Israel do what we did with the Native Americans.

      • Kevin F. Casey  |   Posted on Nov 18th, 2012

        Oh and WE White “Illegals” stole this nation from the various Native American Tribes then tried to EXTERMINATE every Native American Man woman & child. They fought back & were demonized much like the Palestinians are today.

      • 1fitmommy1106  |   Posted on Nov 19th, 2012


      • rexroots  |   Posted on Nov 26th, 2012

        You are so ignorant to make that analogy. So if the Native Americans wanted their land back? lets exterminate them like we did in the past.

    • fg123  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

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    • lee_ng  |   Posted on Nov 17th, 2012

      how can u be so stupid????? are watching the news??

  2. mrsbiz2013  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    Amen, It doesn’t matter what side people are on or what the conflict is. When there are innocent lives involved, it is always a tragedy, and always ok to think of their we-ll being and wish them a positive and peaceful outcome. Please never apologize for being sympathetic to that.

  3. Laila Khaldi  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    viva palestina , and respect to those how is with palestinian children and women , and pray for gaza

  4. mariana15  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    You don’t need explain Kimmie! You are fabulous and always have the best intentions! Ever! Love U ♥

  5. bayhoross  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    seni çok seviyorum kim senle bir fotoğraf için her şeyimi verirdim <3

  6. Nikki Smith  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    Kimmy, I understood exactly what you meant, there was no need for an explanation here. I pray for both sides and a resolution, you should have left your tweets up because they were from your heart. I think that there are always going to be people that will come for you no matter what you say or do, they are preconditioned when it comes to you and they are filled with a lot of venom. I think any normal human being would have a prayer for both sides, because you are correct there are innocent people on both sides who are dying for something that they had no part in. I see no need for an apology, it came from your heart.

  7. Karabo Matome  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    Thanks sister Kimi

  8. Viola Chiri Cheruiyot  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    You had good intentions but that is a very sensitive subject that I suggest you leave be especially considering you are visiting muslim countries in the near future. Palestinians have been suffering for a long time and yes there needs to be resolution between the two.

    Sorry for the hate KIm but next time just refrain from commenting on such a complex topic that has gone on for decades and is not likely to be resolved anytime soon. XOXO!!

    • Sheila Groomes  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

      To be quite honest an explanation was not needed. We are all entitled to an opinion and our own beliefs. Hate is hate no matter what kind and a tragedy for all those involved. Thank you for caring. For those of you telling her not to voice her opinion or to leave it be, you want celebrities to care and when they do care, they care too much??? I don’t understand that.

  9. lucash739  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    Hey Kim , i just wanted to tell you that you shouldnt have to explain yourself to anyone. everybody is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. Next time dont delete your tweet, regardless of the backlash. Your an AMAZING women that I look up to very much, your honestly my role model.


      • Shirley Doitch Horn  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

        i agree! you went up 9999999999999 points in my book!!!!!!!!!!! you showed yourself to be an intelligent woman who will stand up for whats right in the world… not sure why you took it down… :( and don’t let anyone try to tell you this has anything to do with being Armenian!!!! it’s completely irrelevant to terrorism!

      • Ларушка Силберт  |   Posted on Nov 19th, 2012

        Standing with Hamas is standing for terror… Remember, the fight is with Hamas, not the Palestinian people

        • Sumayita Emter K  |   Posted on Nov 20th, 2012

          omg Gaza is part of Palestine and Hamas is part Palestine whatever happens Palestine is joined together to make the best to take our land back , Israel is Palestine know and ever in our hearts and maybe you the Jews look innocent but you don’t have heart you don’t have feeling you are not human , because your taking something from other when you have no right to take every body knows the true and what you are . Jews are terrorist that want to make this fall of Palestinian people and make people from other countries think that we are we just want our land back , and one day we will make people see the truth

          • Saousan Maadarani  |   Posted on Nov 21st, 2012

            This isn’t only directed to you, but to everyone using the term «JEW».
            First off, it’s degrading. It’s like calling Muslims «TERRORISTS». You wouldn’t like to be called that now would you? Didn’t think so.
            Second of all, although it may seem to many that this conflict is all tied to religion, IT IS NOT. Israelis *happen* to be Jewish and Palestinians *happen* to be Muslim. So leave religion out of this, this has nothing to do with Judaism or Islam. These are both religions brought to us by Allah’s prophets P.B.U.T., and in no way, sense or form would Allah want us to cause war and bloodshed between us.
            If you people really want to bring an end to this useless bloodshed, then get off your computer or whatever you’re on, and DO something about it. Palestine and Israel’s problems won’t be resolved with your bickering between each other and nothing good comes from the «blame-game» either.

            InshAllah every soul suffering from this never-ending conflict will find peace very, very soon.

  10. Josh Mainka  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

    Prayers for peace & sanity in times of conflict are always welcome.

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